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Unit 1 Laurence Industrial Estate , Eastwoodbury Lane, Southend- SS2 6RH
Essex , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Natural A C Ltd - Southend

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Specialists,Natural A/C Ltd provides Refrigeration & Air Conditioning services,Our aim is to provide a quality service to the customer along with meeting the required standards of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.At Natural A/C we pride ourselves on the standard of our work. A prompt response to the customers requirements is paramount to our aims,Good communication and feedback are also essential factors to ensure good customer relationship.
It is our aim to be punctual, polite and provide that bit extra when needed.The services we provide are maintenance, service/breakdown and installation.Projects undertaken are:
    Split system air conditioning (cooling & heating).
    Close control systems.
    Chillers-Screw, centrifugal & recpricating.
    Cold rooms.
    Refrigeration systems.
    Refrigerant reclaim.
We have quality assurance ISO and are members of the HVCA and REFCOM.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Regular maintenance should be strongly considered with all refrigeration and air conditioning systems.The amount of maintenance undertaken on equipment will depend on the application.If the system is constantly used and serves critical kit then the period between maintenances should be reduced. If the system is used less frequently then the period between maintenances will be longer.
If the maintenance required is small or large then we would be only to happy to undertake the works.A well maintained system could reduce breakdowns and give a longer system life expectancy.Breakdowns, In the event of a system breakdown we would be happy to attend site. If we have a regular maintenance contract with the customer then the responce time would be prioritized.
Excluding the initial call charge we would discuss fully any further works to be undertaken to the equipment with the customer. This would ensure that both partys are in full agreement of works to be undertaken along with costs.With each breakdown one of our engineers will provide a full service report detailing works undertaken.Technical,General terms,Split system - where the system has two main units (evaporator and condenser). One situated internally the other externally. Interconnecting pipe-work, drain and cable are run between the two components.
Can be cooling only or heating & cooling (heat-pump).The internal unit (fan coil) contains a fan, PCB & evaporator.The external unit contains a fan, condenser, PCB & compressor (reversing valve if heat-pump).Heat-pump - where the system has a reversing valve in the external unit. This allows reverse flow of refrigerant around the system to maintain either heating or cooling in the required space. (refrigerant passes through the compressor in the same direction at all times).
Compressor - a vapour pump that forms a pressure differential. Draws low pressure gas and squeezes it into a high pressure state to be condensed back in to a liquid ( via the condenser).Compressor types,Hermetic-sealed.,Semi-hermetic - where the electrical & mechinical components are together.Open-type - Where mechinical & electrical components are seperate.Reciprocating - using mechinical pistons to pump the refrigerant.
Scroll - using two scrolls, one fixed and one orbits to create pumping action.Rotary - where a rotating mechinism is used to provide the pumping action.Screw - consists of rotors having one male one female gears. They engage a screw and two gate rotors to give the pumping action.Centrifugal - where the compressor has a impeller that rotates at approx 10,000 rpm. It generates such force that the gaseous refrigerant changes into speed energy that is converted into pressure energy for compression.
Condenser - this is the part of the system that receives hot high pressure gas from the compressor. As the gas is cooled in the condenser it changes state from high pressure vapour back to a liquid state.Evaporator - the part of the system that absorbes heat energy in to the refrigerant.Expansion valve - a device that maintains the pressure difference between high & low sides of the system.Humidity - ammount of moisture/dampness present in the air.Relitave Humidity - the ratio of water present in air to greatest amount posible at the same temperature.Subcooling - the cooling of liquid refrigerant below its condensing temperature.Superheat - the temperature of vapour above boiling temperature of its liquid at that pressure.Temperature conversions,C = (F - 32) divided by 1.8,F = (1.8 x C) + 32 .

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