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Direct Push Probing - Bibra Lake

DPP uses an integrated drilling system combined with most recent technology for a safe and productive drilling experience. We are engaged in drilling and completion with pressure pumping and safety measures. Since our establishment, we have built a reputation on our quality and standards. With this mindset, DPP always engage itself to improve the standards of its service even more. We reflect their strengths, Safety, efficiency and innovative. Our company work to deliver the utmost level of professionalism. We provide the highest level of service with our attention to detail and a terrific working experience, to serve your needs.

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Direct push technology facilitates the use of permanent implants with stainless steel or disposable PVC screens that can be inserted down the bore of a probe rod and anchored at depth for soil gas sampling or groundwater sampling. This involves significantly lower costs than installing monitoring wells.

These implants are not carried in the rod during probe-driving but inserted down the bore when the appropriate depth has been reached. Once slid down the bore the implant is rotated to attach it to the anchor point used during driving. As probe rods are removed from the hole, the implant and associated tubing remain anchored to the bottom.

Typically used during the site characterisation phase of a project these ‘point-in-time’ sampling tools are best suited to identifying plume boundaries, hot spots, preferred pathways, or other points of interest. Once this information is collected temporary or permanent monitoring wells can be optimally placed to provide project teams with the most useful data.

The screens allow flexible tubing, a mini-bailer or a small-diameter bladder pump to be inserted into the screen cavity. This allows direct sampling from anywhere within the saturated zone.

DPP uses direct push technology to install wells for monitoring either groundwater or soil vapour. These offer a highly cost-effective and minimal-intrusion technique for collecting data on the distribution of groundwater or contaminants in the sub-surface and are typically used to provide trend analysis of contaminant concentrations over an extended period of time.

For groundwater sampling DPP uses small diameter wells (up to 50mm ID) with prepacked screens comprising standard slotted PVC well screen pipe surrounded by environment-grade sand contained within a stainless steel mesh cylinder. This ensures the filter media is directly located around the well screen and allows quicker, more efficient installation.

Groundwater flows into the well under ambient hydrostatic pressure and can be sampled using either mini-bailers or pumps to obtain high integrity water quality samples.

Direct push technology uses a number of techniques to obtain soil gas samples. Single-tube methods provide sampling at single depths as the tool string is advanced and is often used during surveys to define or locate a plume. Dual-tube methods provide soil gas profiling at multiple depths and also allow the installation of high integrity soil gas implants or pre-packed vapour monitoring wells using similar techniques to those used for groundwater sampling.

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Gas Groundwater Samples Geotechnical Drilling Services Monitoring Wells Non Destructive Digging Soil Samples DPP, a Perth based company uses direct push technology to offer a fast, efficient means of detecting and delineating contaminated areas. We use a PRT (Post Run Tubing) system to collect soil vapour samples from the desired sampling depth.

This is achieved by inserting the PRT adaptor and tubing through the drill rods after they have been driven to depth to provide a vacuum-tight, continuous run of tubing from the sample to the surface. This prevents sample contamination from up-hole, and assures that the sample is taken from the desired depth at the bottom of the hole. As the tubing can be replaced after each sample the risk of rod leakage or contamination from sample carryovers is eliminated.

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