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UNIFLAIR UK - Great Wakering

Established in 1988, Uniflair S.p.A. specializes in the design, production and marketing of precision air conditioning, technical cooling systems and modular access floors all of which have the specific function of supplying technologically advanced and reliable solutions for the construction industry, telecommunications-Internet providers and for industrial and comfort cooling.
Launched in the national market, Uniflair rapidly expanded in Europe and to other continents and is now present in more than 60 countries worldwide including both subsidiaries and selected partners. The Uniflair organization is composed of the Headquarters at Conselve (Padua), production sites, Research and Development laboratories, branch offices located in Milan, Rome and Naples, in addition to subsidiaries in Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, India and China.
The main production site serving the global market is located in Italy, with additional production sites in China and India which serve the local markets. The Italian Head Office employs around 300 staff in its central Headquarters of 110,000 m2 (40,000m2 of which are dedicated to production). As a whole, the Uniflair S.p.A. Group is supported by over 450 employees.
The Uniflair Headquarters, designed by the architect Mario Cucinella, is the result of an original approach combining the technological solutions produced by the Company, modular access flooring and precision air conditioning, thereby creating an elegant union of innovation and functionality.
The building layout includes an innovative office area, comprising an open space with a single table of 200 metres in length which serves to promote and maximize teamwork, encouraging internal communication and optimization of the different processes. Also situated within the structure is an auditorium, training rooms and a product showroom.
The Company’s core business representing 50% of turnover is the precision air conditioning range of solutions with the capacity to control the temperature and humidity inside technological rooms. Dissipation of the heat generated by the equipment served is necessary to ensure the operation and reliability of these complex systems and is fundamental to avoid interruption of service. The Uniflair solutions are capable of functioning 24/7 - 365 days a year therefore providing continuous operation. The design of the solutions, the choice of components and the production processes are designed to guarantee maximum reliability and excellent energy efficiency to reduce operative costs and ensure a “sustainable” infrastructure.
These applications, often referred to as “mission critical” include medium to large size data centres, server rooms, control centres, laboratories, communication rooms (fixed and mobile telephones).High standards of design, development and production exist for these products, the same applies to the “Aquaflair Technical Cooling” product line, encompassing the water chillers for industrial and residential use, synonymous with technical excellence. The “Uniflair chiller” forms the heart of the installation which allows the chilled water temperature to be maintained constant in industrial processes, for precision air conditioning or any other type of ambient.
All the products are optimized to guarantee high energy efficiency, above all at partial loads, offering free-cooling solutions and integrated energy recovery incorporated within the unit.The modular access floors, originally created for purely technical needs inside technological rooms during the ‘70s, have developed over time to become the ideal solution for uniting practicality and design in the advanced service sector. The space recovery requirements and requests for greater versatility of a building, combined with respect for the creativity of the designer/architect make Uniflair’s modular access floors an excellent solution satisfying both the requests for functionality and aesthetic attention to detail.
The possibility of utilizing an “inspection area”, in the cavity between the flooring and the floor slab of the building, allows for the positioning of every type of system installation. This solution allows for simple modification of the internal layout, with a significant saving in terms of both economic expense and time. In addition, the enormous variety of surface finishings and high performance standards offer a range of applications which overlap perfectly with those of traditional flooring, providing the most diverse locations requiring practicality for maintenance, with economic management.
An example of the attention Uniflair gives to innovative is represented by ecoflair®, the new a modular system of air conditioning integrated in the access floor. The ecoflair® system merges the flexibility of operational design with individual comfort of the occupants who can choose their personal ambient temperature, while at the same time guaranteeing higher energy savings with respect to traditional systems. Due to its modular and integrative nature ecoflair® has inherent characteristics of adaptability which can be implemented during the course of the “lifespan” of an edifice.
In July 2008 Uniflair SpA obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001, an important step which demonstrates the growing commitment of the Company with respect to minimizing environmental impact and thereby increasing awareness and sense of responsibility in each and every collaborator with regards to the surrounding environment.
Since the beginning, the Company has always paid close attention to issues regarding quality and the environment in order to provide a product and service capable of keeping up with the growing environmental problems and new market expectations. The ISO 9001 certification was obtained in 1995.  The Company organization was modified and enhanced through the adoption of action plans and attribution of responsibility in order to progressively improve environmental and qualitative standards. Awareness of personnel, through training and information, is fundamental in developing company management.
On July Uniflair - Schneider Electric completed got the certification of the Safety Management System, according to the OHSAS 18001 standard. The safety management system is a crucial tool not only for the respect of the safety regulation, but also as a tool to deploy the health and safety in the Plant, by the active participation of every worker, from Employees to Managers. 
This advancement has resulted in the undertaking of practical measures: all materials which enter into the Company are controlled, the production processes are constantly monitored, designs are realized on the basis of rigorous criteria and documented, environmental aspects and impacts are kept under strict control, disposal of refuse, emergencies, energy and natural resources, management of chemical products, every order is analyzed and re-examined, every complaint is examined and resolved by the relevant person, the Company processes are continually monitored and improved.To summarize, the Company aims for a process of continuous improvement to allow the development of sustainable organizational ethics on a daily basis.

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Additional Information

Uniflair continue to produce innovations for  the cooling of High Density heat load environments.Investment in a 7th Test Centre, specifically designed as a Data Centre mock-up facility, has allowed Uniflair’s R&D team to develop the following new ideas:

Active Floor,A means to comfortably provide 24kW of cooling to a single rack without using In-rack water or CO2 cooling,AFPS,A means for automatically maintaining constant cooling under challenging conditions including:, Maintenance of floor void, Removal of floor tiles for Rack expansion/installation,Extreme Low occupancy levels,No hot aisle/ cold aisle,Minimal aisle width

Cool Pool,High density cooling the flexible way, combining Active floor, AFPS and cold aisle enclosure – bespoke for the clients particular needs.

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