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Cabbage Tree Solutions offering to convert your speech, voice, mp3 or any other audio format into text format. So, visit at our website and upload a voice file today to convert into a text version!speech to text online

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Business transcription has become mandatory in almost all the present business spectrums. The main motive behind having such transcriptions is to make improvement in the quality of work that the company does. The need to put the spoken word into text is required in almost all areas of business. Most of the companies do their own transcription so as to avoid the burden of the extra cost that will be incurred if it is given to an outside company.

But many a times it is found that too much of the transcription work puts undue pressure on the staff and there is degradation in the quality of the work that they do. Besides, there will be the need to buy special equipments to do the transcription work which will undoubtedly increase their cost. Based on these factors more and more companies have now started to transfer their transcription work to different companies. Outsourcing these works to companies that provide Business Transcription services has always been a cheaper option.

In case if the transcription work is getting outsourced the company needs to keep a record of all their meetings, seminars or conventions that they are conducting. They then upload it to a specific location from where the transcription company can download them and start off with their work. These files are basically in the form of audio or video files which could be of any format and it is this recording that is used for preparing transcripts by these Business Transcription services.

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convert audio file to text convert mp3 to text All the lectures, seminars, discussions etc held at schools, colleges and universities are converted into written or printed form of spoken language through the process of Academic Transcription meant for academic purposes. It also indicates the conversion of the written form of a study material into digital version of thesis and dissertation. Almost everyone involved in the field of academics require such transcription related to their respective field. Nowadays even universities and research institutes keep a record of their work for future references and analysis.

In the present, audio recordings provide invaluable opportunity to learners. Recorded lectures and focus group discussions are of great value in the field of academics and transcription. Transcribing these study materials could be of great value to the hearing impaired students and for those with difficulties in learning. Some of the common types of academic transcription services include focus group transcription, seminar transcription, thesis/dissertation transcription, lecture transcription etc.

The focus group transcription is done with the help of already available audio and video tapes. With the help of these materials it is easy to make out who is speaking what and help in correctly identifying them. Seminar transcription also works on the same concept. A thesis transcription is generally used by students in a text form as it is compulsory for those pursuing their PhD program. A lecture transcription is given based on the audio that is available. These transcribed lectures come in handy for those who are absent when a particular speech on a topic is given and it is here where the value of Academic Transcription becomes enormous and purposeful

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