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True Carnivores - Raw Food For Cats & Dogs - Vancouver

True Carnivores has been specializing in raw food diets for cats and dogs since 1996. Raw food has shown immense health benefits for pets.Each one of us here at True Carnivores has our own story about how raw food has changed our pet`s lives (and our own lives) and we want to share it with you! We want to be part of your journey towards having the happiest and healthiest pets you can have.

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A healthy weight is both important to your pet’s health and an indicator of their overall health. Each cat or dog has their own optimal weight, depending on their age, build and specific breed. There are a couple of ways to test if your pet’s weight is on the right track.

You should be able to tell when looking from above that your pet has a visible waistline, but if there are clearly defined ribs, spinal bones or hip bones then your dog or cat may be underweight. If you can’t make out a waistline, then your pet may need to shed some extra pounds.

Feel your animal’s ribs and spine. You should be able to feel the outline of these bones, but you should also be able to feel a layer of tissue in between the skin and bones. This is healthy, but if you can’t feel the bones, your pet is likely over weight.

A processed diet high in ingredients that quickly convert to sugars and may contain too many or too little of the calories a healthy pet needs. On the contrary, raw and natural foods are easier to digest and can work wonders for your pet’s weight and metabolism in as little as a few weeks.

Every pet is different, and before switching your dog or cat to a natural raw diet, it’s important to look at their nutritional history and needs in order to make their transition to raw as painless as possible. If your pet already has experience with raw or cooked food, the switch should be fast and easy, but if it’s a wholesale change from kibble to raw, the transition should be a bit more gradual to allow their digestive system time to adjust to the new food.

We are not veterinarians. True Carnivores staff are educated, our writing is researched and are practiced on our own animals, but neither the advice of a True Carnivores staff member nor reading True Carnivores written materials can substitute for visiting a veterinarian, especially those in the practice of holistic methods. We offer carefully chosen, natural products that can benefit your pet, however we do believe that veterinary conditions should be diagnosed and treated by professionals.

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raw food for dogs raw food for cats raw food for pets raw dog food Vancouver raw dog food When humans design their diets, they make sure to get their nutrition from a variety of sources and different types of food. We know that it’s important not to eat processed food three meals a day, every day – we need freshness and diversity in our meals. So why don’t we do the same for our pets? Dog-and-Raw-Meat

Research has shown that many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, skin problems and obesity, to name a few, have the same root causes in dogs and cats as they do in humans. Monotonous dry or wet diets put strain on your pet’s body and force their digestive systems to work harder to process their food. By contrast, raw food is what they ate in nature, and it’s what their bodies were designed to eat.

A raw food diet isn’t a departure from the norm so much as a return to a natural diet that’s good for your pet’s health. What exactly can feeding raw do for your pet? The benefits to health include:increased energy a brighter and healthier coat a cleaner and better smelling mouth and gums improved skin health easier weight control and so much more!

It’s easy to see why a raw diet is a great choice from a health standpoint. What’s more, pets love eating it! It seems like a lot more responsibility to meet your pet’s needs on a raw diet than with kibble, but their nutritional requirements are the same as ours. To grow up healthy and happy, pets need balanced and varied nutrition that a raw diet can provide. Click here to read about Making The Switch.

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