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The Civil Rights Litigation Group is a people’s law firm in Denver, Colorado. Dial 720-515-6165 for the best lawyer that is 100% dedicated to your rights.Phone: 720-515-6165

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You have been given the right to speak your mind freely, criticize the government, and peacefully assemble in protest. No government official or police officer has the right to try and stifle your speech, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

The Civil Rights Litigation Group is devoted to protecting this important right. If you have been silenced for speaking out or for expressing your political views, you can take legal action and have your day in court. Call us today, and we’ll make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.

One of the most fundamental principles in American thought is the belief that all people – regardless of what they’ve done or what their current states may be – are equal human beings, worthy of certain rights and dignities. As civil rights attorneys, these particular dignities, including the right to adequate medical care, are of special importance to us and we fight passionately to protect them and to defend you from anyone – even the government that declared you guilty – who tries to violate them.

According to the 1976 Supreme Court case Estelle v. Gamble, deliberate indifference to medical necessity is considered “cruel and unusual punishment,” and therefore a violation of the Eighth Amendment.* If you’ve had a serious health need ignored, a treatment unreasonably delayed, or have received substandard treatment because of a so-called “bad medical judgement” that you believe was motivated more by a personal judgement about your crime than a medical judgement about your health, then contact us today and let us defend your rights.

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denver civil rights attorney,denver employment law attorney,denver employment attorney,Denver Employment lawyer,civil rights lawyer,employment attorney denver The police are supposed to protect us and keep our communities safe, but what happens when they take advantage of their power? What do you do when an overzealous police officer thinks he knows what happened in a crime and forces a confession? Bullying and coerced confessions happen more often than you might think. Protecting civil and constitution rights, such as knowing how to identify and fight against a coerced confession, is what we do. Civil Rights Litigation Group is the top Denver Civil Rights attorney for coerced confessions.

A coerced confession may be a difficult concept to grasp initially. If someone confessed to something, he did it, right? Not always. Sometimes police officers will poke and prod a suspect, even twisting his or her words to sound like what the officer needs to make a case. Officers may talk a suspect into thinking that he did something that he actually did not do or the suspect may feel pressured into a false confession. This involuntary confession resulting from overbearing or harassing police conduct, rather than a person’s “rational intellect and free will,” is a coerced confession.

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