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Carpet Tech is your trusted carpet cleaning company in Alexandria. Our professional team can help you with the toughest carpet cleaning assignments. Carpet Cleaning Alexandria

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Carpet Tech possess the knowledge, expertise and equipment to effectively clean your rugs thoroughly and safely.We clean all types of carpets ranging from the common examples to unique and exotic items. We treat each project differently applying different techniques to get the best results out of the individual rug. Every rug is unique and your rug will be cleaned with the most suitable method for its age, type of dye and fibres used. We do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Carpet Tech uses the latest technology to bring your floors back to their original beauty. Tile and grout can be difficult to clean, and more importantly, keep clean! Our equipment literally blasts grease, grime and dirt out of the pores of the tile, stone and especially grout while leaving the floor almost completely dry. After cleaning, we highly recommend sealing the grout to protect it from future stains, bacteria or mildew.

Colour sealing your grout lines will restore grout to its original beauty. We can change the colour of your grout to virtually any colour you desire. Colour seal will permanently seal your grout & make it waterproof & stain proof.

Think about how many customers and employees enter your business every day. In a high-traffic area, there’s a lot of residue left behind by customers and even previously used cleaning methods. We’ll pre-treat spots and stains, to ensure they disappear. With our commercial carpet cleaning, your floors will be spotless, sanitary, and odourless.

We aim to provide a competitive rate for our commercial clients, while providing a professional and dependable service that exceeds the expectations of your clients. We can offer an ultra-flexible arrangement which will see your commercial property cleaned all while it is vacant at night with the added bonus of being dry in time for the next business day. We are capable of gathering the manpower and equipment to tackle a project of any size which will cause no disruption to the operation of the business. We also provide tile and grout cleaning and sealing, please visit

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Carpet Cleaning Alexandria Carpet Cleaning Maroubra Carpet protection is an option that you can choose to have applied once your carpets or rugs have been cleaned. Carpet protection helps to resist soiling and staining, allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur. It forms a molecular shield around each carpet fibre. This shield increases the surface tension of the carpet fibres, causing them to repel liquid spills, dust and dirt. This helps prevent dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed by the carpet fibre, keeping carpets cleaner, longer.

Carpet Tech provides an intensive cleaning service to refresh and deeply clean upholstery and soft furnishings. Utilising the latest developments in the field of on-location cleaning, we are able to safely clean upholstery thoroughly, but with the utmost care. Our intense, yet gentle cleaning methods are guaranteed against shrinkage, and the removal of damaging dirt and grit will not only restore appearance but also prevent premature ageing of the fibres by abrasion.

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