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Geerwijnstraat 1 bus 1 , Brugge- 8000
West-Vlaanderen , Belgium  Belgium
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Web Retail Company - Brugge

Web Retail Company is een digital agency in Brugge met een sterke focus op e - commerce , het bouwen van websites en online marketing . Bezoek onze website of bel ons op : +32 (0) 50 32 12 28 om ons in te huren.

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Additional Information

To optimally use the data from Google Analytics, are best set goals and filters. With targets for instance you can check how many people have registered have posted to your newsletter or product in a shopping cart. Filters are then again required in order to keep clean you data of spam attacks. In addition, there are also set filters so visit the website shall not be included in your business. As the home of someone in the company is set to the company website, the data can be deformed properly.

A website is today more than just a listing of the services or products of a company. A shop offers to undertake a communication platform but we also have visitors seek action. We have to convert the visitor. This is more than - a shop - a sale. Conversion may be just as well fill out a contact form. Or subscribe to a newsletter. Or take the phone to make an appointment. Even the visitor leave Liking the Facebook page could be a conversion.

Google is placing more importance on content and context. Luckily, content and context not only be created in order to rank better in Google. For your visitors can do this content added value. We do not have to say the quality content is essential to achieve results with your website or web shop.

We can not deny it anymore, social media is everywhere. Liken, repinnen, followen, Sharen, tweeting ... are words that have become ubiquitous. Most companies have therefore already created a profile for their company. But is there or chose the right channel? There are plenty of followers / fans? Are positioned correctly updates? Questions that we would like to answer with you.

No one but you knows your customers and products better. Therefore, we also believe that you yourself must be responsible for social media and contact with customers. But we will help you there like it on the road.

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Website usability for the user-friendliness of a website or web shop . By choosing the final customer / surfer as a basis for the design of the website, you can avoid a lot of trouble. Think of the annoyances that you have encountered when visiting a website.A well thought out website using website usability can actually use, which is a good foundation can be laid for success.

Google Analytics is indispensable for any company with a website or web shop. In each action, you have to know what changes have taken this cause. Have you written a new blog post and then shared on social media? Then you want to know how many people have read this. Only then can you determine if the things you are doing are worthwhile.

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