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AliSafe - Arundel

AliSafe is an Australian engineering company specialising in the design and manufacturing of high quality aluminium work access platforms and truck access platforms.

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All of our products can be custom designed to meet the needs of your business with many of our clients requesting our customised services where standard platforms are not sufficient.

These particular Access Platforms were designed in consultation with our client to ensure they provided safe access for employees, was user friendly and to suit as many different excavators as possible. The platforms also included removable welding screens to increase safety.

The brief from the client was – it must be functional and user friendly, the client (and employees) were very impressed with the final product.

All handrails are removable and the entire platform is interchangeable to suit different size machines within the clients range. AliSafe designed fill in sections and corner pieces to suit the different machines.

From large solutions to smaller access solutions below shows a range of products AliSafe has designed in conjunction with our clients. Call now as see how we can help you too.

Maintenance to mining equipment is vital and access to smaller machines still requires a safe method. AliSafe worked with our client to design a numerous platforms to be used above ground and on various machines.

Access to all areas of some machines is not possible (due to the design of the machine itself) however, AliSafe can work closely with you for the best possible access solution

We designed the smaller platform with one side open and allow access into the engine bay and the larger platform has removable handrails for access onto the machine itself. The client was happy with the final product and the employees found them easy to use.

The aluminium work platform is one of the most important OH&S tools you will have in your work environment.You can always count the performance of an AliSafe product and provide your employees with a stable and easy to use aluminium work platform.Aluminium platforms are lightweight – but still strong!They are easy to manoeuvre around a work site or production area (6m platforms can be moved by one person)We have many options in custom or standard designs are available at reasonable prices

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Working Platforms,Mobile Access Platforms,Aluminium Platform,Truck Loading Platforms The service and maintenance of aircraft is essential and as part of these regular services you must have good access to all parts of the aircraft. The longer an aircraft stays in the hangar the more money is costs. AliSafe has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing access solutions to help increase productivity and have the aircraft in the air sooner.

The Aircraft Access Platform below was designed for maintenance on three types of helicopters. This new type of design allows the maintenance engineers to remove and add sections of the working deck when they need to access specific parts of the aircraft. The removal of these sections allows for different types of aircraft to be serviced without the requirement for a whole new set of platforms.

The images of platforms below with the two separate working heights were designed for a motor vehicle manufacturer to allow access to a special area within their design centre that only authorised people were allowed to see.

The client required two access heights and originally wanted two separate platforms. After discussions with the client, it was agreed that two platforms would take up to much space and the custom designed platform below was developed. It allows the customer to work at two separate heights without having to move platforms in and out of the work area. The top height simply hinges into place, the access ladder clips on and the return handrail slides in.

When using the lower lever, the access ladder and return rail simply lift out and are placed in a designated spot on the platform. The higher working deck also has a cantilever at the front edge to allow better access and increased safety.

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