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Ness Rd Shoeburyness , Southend on Sea- SS3 9DL
Essex , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Five Leaf Productions - Southend on Sea

Buy Cannabis Seeds from five leaf productions UK best supplier of cannabis seeds wholesale bulk supplier open to trade and public.We are Five Leaf Productions Europes Largest Cannabis Seeds Suppliers based in the UK

Our seeds are sold strictly for novelty collectors use and NOT FOR CALTERVATION.We pride ourselves on  First Rate Customer Service with quick response.  lowest prices.  High Quality Seeds. Fast Delivery ?Our aim to make Five Leaf Productions the Last Cannabis Seeds Supplier you will ever use.

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Offences under this Act overwhelmingly involve the general public, and even when the same drug and a similar offence are involved, penalties are far tougher. Drugs subject to this Act are known as 'controlled' drugs. The law defines a series of offences, including unlawful supply, intent to supply, import or export (all these are collectively known as 'trafficking' offences), and unlawful production.

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