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5 Kinklewood 36 Oakleigh Drive , Durban- 4001
Kwazulu Natal , South Africa  South Africa
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SilverStream Premium Streaming Systems - Durban

We Sell The Best Fully Loaded Streaming Systems Ever Made.The SilverStream company was birthed in 2013 with the boom of streaming and interacting online through our televisions. Smart TV's are now the pretty normal to see in affluent homes around the world. A lot of this technology is expensive, and lack a lot of features that one might want with their high price-tag television.

Enter SilverStream, our systems transform any HD television into a 'Smart TV' connecting you to the internet enabling a host of fantastic uses. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum 4 meg line speed and you can transform your TV into a hub with endless possibilities. Visit Google's Play Store though your device and add any app or game you wish. You can add app's like NetFlix or Showmax and start streaming right away with their generous free trial period. Watch the news online with CNN, BBC and all the big news channels free. You can keep in touch with friends with Facebook, Twitter or check your email from multiple accounts. The uses are literally endless.We have had so many delighted customers with our fantastic streaming systems, and the unique accessories we offer making the use of our products even easier and more fun.

We are now embarking on a new era in set-top box functionality by launching the 'Herculean' K6 Streaming and Gaming Unit as well as gaming peripharels to help you get even more out of your brand new systems. Android gaming is nothing new, but Android gaming on your TV with custom designed controllers unlock a world of family fun with thousands of free games. You can even purchase big brand games for a fraction of the price of other platforms. This promises to provides hours of family-friendly fun in any household.

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Android TV puts a greater emphasis on games than any other device. Instead of being relegated to a sub-menu, games appear on the same main screen as Android TV's apps and recommendations. When you scroll down to the apps list, the games list pops into view, getting an equal amount of space, so it's impossible to ignore.

Google has even built in some hooks for people who play games on Android phones and tablets. Because everything’s coming from the Google Play Store, you’ll likely be able to buy a game once and play it across all devices. Google is also supporting achievements, friends lists and cloud saves through its Google Play Games service, so you can switch between a phone, tablet and TV without losing any progress.

The only console maker that could offer something similar is Microsoft, and it has bungled every opportunity to do so. As it's Android, developers should have very little work to do if they want to port their games to Android TV, especially if they already support game controllers (many do). There are tens of thousands of games on Google Play, and they account for 90% of the revenue from Android apps.

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Streaming Systems Fully Loaded With Our Custom Software While 'Streaming' may be fairly new and often unheard of in South Africa, it is certainly the way of the future with almost every major american network beginning to offer their products without the need for a full cable/satellite package.

So 'streaming' in a nutshell is the viewing of 'on-demand' or 'live tv' video content over your internet line whether its 3g/4g or a fixed ADSL line as opposed to watching content via standard tv broadcast or satellite broadcast.

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