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8 Little Alpine Estate Cnr of Murray and Ruitershoogte street , Durbanville- 7550
Western Cape , South Africa  South Africa
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Max Yield Energy - Durbanville

Max Yield Energy offers renewable energy solutions in the Western Cape and are based in Durbanville. Our advice, design expertise and honesty is our pride and if there is one thing you can be certain of if you contact us is that you will get 100% honest advice (even if you don’t want to hear it as solar is not the right answer for all situations).

The owner has a National Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering and has partnered with an electrical contracting company in the Western Cape to provide an end to end service to customers.

We prefer to use locally manufactured and supported equipment where possible and is a preferred installer for Microcare in the Cape Town area. We have had exceptional good performance from their products and for us as service provider it is of great value to have direct access to the manufacturer of the main components of the systems we install.

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Additional Information

Ironically it is batteries, and not inverters or solar panels or charge controllers etc. where the biggest mistakes are made in solar system design and installations. If off grid solar systems, batteries are normally the most costly component of the system, yet not many people realise the enormous pitfalls there are in selecting the correct battery type for the application and conditions (such as ventilation, temperature, charge and discharge times and peak current requirements to name a few).

We have invested countless hours studying batteries and still spend hours weekly reading up and contacting manufactures and peers in the industry in order to give our customers the correct advice on battery choice.

This is a very complex topic and there are good resources available online to educate yourself, but be warned, prepare to spend quite a few hours and then go back for more studying, as new questions will emerge as you start delving into the battery world. One such good resource is www.batteryuniversity.com. The fact this a site like this even exists should help you understand this is a minefield to be negotiated carefully.

This is also where the biggest advances are happening at the moment, and we are (in South Africa at least) seeing very interesting developments in Lithium battery solutions, specifically targeted at the residential and commercial solar energy and backup power market. One such solution we are currently testing and starting to recommend to our customers is from a company called Blue Nova. Below are some of the claims from their site that is worth looking at. These claims are in line with international solutions. What makes them very interesting is that they (via installers like us), are able to offer the technology at prices better than lead acid over the life of the battery. In other words, for the energy stored and extracted for as long as the battery lasts, Lithium beats lead acid. This is major news, because the price of Lithium has the potential to fall by a large margin in the coming years where lead acid does not really.

This means that the cost of being able to produce, store and consume your own solar power will be cheaper that Eskom in the not to distant future (our estimate is 2 – 3 years for consumers currently paying close to R2 / kWh).

Product and Services

Solar power system design, solar installations, solar system component supplies Understandably, the general public does not have in-depth knowledge of the various system options and the very first step we take when doing a consultation (after confirming the primary objective of our potential client) is to give them a basic overview of the types of solar systems out there.

Note: See bottom of the page for exciting news on affordable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology with a 10 warranty now available.The section below gives an overview of the most popular system configurations today. It is not a detailed analysis of the various system types, but should help most people to decide which system will meet their needs.

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