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Scott Home Inspection Services - Buckley

Scott Home Inspection Services is an experienced home inspection company servicing Buckley, Washington and surrounding areas. The owner, Jim Scott has 16 years of experience as a property inspector and has the expertise to get the job done right. Hiring us as your home inspector, you can rest assured that all visible defects, damage and potential hazards have been identified so you will be able to make a sound decision regarding your purchase! We also employ state of the art wireless technology to create and deliver comprehensive home inspection reports. Along with inspecting the interior, we also provide roof inspection and lawn care inspection. If you are buying or selling a home, we are confident in being the best real estate inspector around. Call today for a free quote or to schedule your property inspection!

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All homeowners should know where their electrical panel is located. When you open the door to it, you should find breakers that are labeled which correspond to the different rooms or areas of the home. Breakers will sometimes trip due to a power surge or outage, and the homeowner can flip the switch to reactivate the current to the particular room or area. Behind the breakers is the dead front, and it is this electrical component that should be removed only by a qualified electrician or inspector.

Overhanging branches should be kept pruned back to avoid damage from both abrasion and impact, and to prevent the accumulation of leaf debris on the roof, its valleys, and in the gutters, which will interfere with proper drainage and lead to pooling of rainwater and snowmelt. Of course, it’s especially important to make sure that tree limbs near the home’s roof and exterior are a safe distance away from utility and power lines.

Tree-trimming is a type of homeowner maintenance task should be undertaken by qualified professionals, as it can lead to accidentally cutting off the service or power from an overhead line, being electrocuted by an energized line, being struck by an unsecured tree branch, falling off the roof or a ladder, and any number of similar mishaps that the homeowner is not trained to anticipate and avoid.

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Your inspector should investigate signs of roof damage or deterioration before you call a roofing contractor. That way, you’ll know exactly what types of problems should be addressed before you break out the checkbook for repairs.

Although homeowners aren’t necessarily expected to climb on their roofs every season as part of regular home maintenance, there are some conditions that should be monitored to prevent roof damage and to help you get the longest life out of your roof-covering materials. Certain types of damage can lead to water and pest intrusion, structural deterioration, and the escape of costly energy.

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