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BC Tax is the leading provider of quality tax preparation services and more in Boulder, CO. Make your appointment today.For years now, we have worked with our clients to help reduce their debt and reduce their stress. We will work hard to do the same for you. We have a variety of tax debt solutions to accomplish this and your dedicated tax expert will guide you through the process. And the entire time, our focus will be on keeping you informed of every step so that you know exactly where your file is. BC Tax was organized as the coming together of top professionals in the tax resolution field, with the singular goal of providing the absolute best tax services for our clients. We built our company on the philosophy that if you provide the absolute best service and put the client first, more clients will come. The results speak for themselves. We have helped thousands of individuals and business with their tax problems and have grown dramatically. We look forward to continuing to help our current clients and move toward a bright and prosperous future.

Our team is another important aspect to consider. We believe our team is only as strong as our weakest employee. Accordingly, we insist on hiring the absolute top talent in the tax resolution industry. We have brought together a team of attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and former IRS agents who we believe can be viewed as the best in the business. Why is our team so important? Our team is important because our principals believe that pairing our clients with top professionals is the recipe for success. Our clients will tell you the same thing. We have the honor of helping clients from around the world resolve their tax problems. Day in and day out, our team is responsible for helping these individuals get their lives back. That is what we are about.

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In some cases, modifying the status of your business or forming a new entity altogether may assist you in resolving your tax problem while also allowing for a substantial savings. Please be advised that the correct execution of these strategies is extremely delicate. Each step must be carefully taken and receive full consent from the taxing authority

If a corporation fails to pay its Form 941 withholding taxes, any individual deemed either willful or responsible for the tax accrual can be personally assessed the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. It can be assessed whether or not you are in business. If you are assessed, you may appeal. These appeals are time sensitive.

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Having a tax problem is an overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, the threatening collection letters are only the beginning of the experience. When tax problems get this far, you need our help. From tax liens to bank levies, wage garnishments, and outright closure of your business or seizure of your home, the taxing authorities have a number of powerful collection tools which could destroy your family’s finances.

Fortunately, we have a great arsenal of tax resolution tools to help minimize the devastating effects of enforced tax collection. If you do not pay your taxes when they are due, you will receive a statement or bill. This bill begins the tax collection process, which continues on through alternative payment options and ends when your account balance is satisfied.

Enforced collection action may be taken to secure payment. Such collection action includes filing notices of tax lien, serving levy notices, and offsetting a tax refund. By filing a notice of tax lien, the taxing authority establishes its claim to your property as a creditor. The lien is a claim against your property, including any you acquire after a lien is filed. The lien is required by law in order to establish priority as a creditor in competition with other creditors in certain situations, such as bankruptcy proceedings or real estate sales.

Once a lien is filed, it may appear on your credit report and harm your credit rating. Therefore, it is important for you to resolve your tax liability as quickly as possible before lien filing becomes necessary. Once a lien is filed, a release generally cannot be issued until the taxes, penalties, interest, and recording fees are paid in full.

A notice of levy is another method used to collect taxes not voluntarily paid. This means your property can be legally taken to satisfy a tax debt. This could include your wages, funds in financial accounts, Social Security or disability benefits, and retirement income. If your tax liability remains unpaid, the taxing authorities may move to seize assets such as cars, boats, and real estate or shut down your business! In addition, any future federal or state tax refunds you are due will be offset to the tax liability balance.

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