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Backup Everything was formed with a simple concept: To provide an easy to use, cost effective, no hassle solution that can keep important data protected.

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Cloud storage is just storage, meaning, there is no automated backup running in the background. You will need to move the data yourself to the cloud. ?However,? ?cloud backup is more than just storage; it doesn’t need any human intervention. Just set it and forget it!

Cloud backup companies create copies of all the files in your system (scheduled periodically or automatically, as per your set up) for redundancy and disaster recovery. They automatically maintain version?ing when files are changed or modified in any manner. On the other hand, cloud storage providers require the user to upload the file after any edits are made. ?

Cloud backup is designed to automatically protect your files, ensuring complete privacy and security along with storage. Cloud backup services are not merely focused on syncing and accessing files. You can backup files from a number of systems using agent-based or agentless backup options. You can encrypt and decrypt your files at source or destination to ensure security during transmission of the files. You can compress and decompress your files using advanced algorithms that ensure that your data does not get corrupted during transmission or storage.

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Online backup UK,Cloud backup for Student UK,Backup everything home,Cloud backup UK Industry leading company?BackupEverything (BE) provides automated cloud backup services for affordable and pre-determined prices. BE is not a location dependent service and its fee structure is the same no matter where in the world you are from. ?BE provide?s scalable space, meaning your backup space can be scaled up or down based on your needs. It also provides automated and scheduled backups, file versioning, with data encrypted during transfer and storage. BE does not charge data retrieval fees, it only charges for amount of data stored in its servers.

For a comprehensive and reliable service, it is prudent that the?end user chooses services from an independent cloud backup company, like BackupEverything to backup their sensitive data. This way, the user will know their actual cost, where the data is being backed up, and get the best bespoke service according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) executed.

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