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If you are looking for a professional and experienced Dentist in Solana Beach, you have come to the right place. We are your comprehensive dental service provider who’s got your interest at heart, and we have several dedicated Solana Beach Dentist services that are tailored to suit your unique needs. Our dentists use ultramodern technology and best practices to offer dental procedures that give you sustainable solutions. We focus on practices that conform to high dental standards to ensure that you leave the office more confident, and all the more, safe from any possible complications. Situated in the beautiful area of Solana Beach, our doctors and dental support staff are fully dedicated to making your experience at our facility memorable. Not only are our procedures comfortable even to the most apprehensive patients, we also make our environment friendly and warm to ensure your comfort and that of those accompanying you. Every visit to our office is made as interactive as possible to ensure that we are communicating, understanding and addressing all your needs and concerns properly.

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These are thin and durable tooth shaped porcelain facings specially made for creating attractive smiles by bonding them onto the front of the teeth. They are used to give proper and beautiful shape to oddly shaped, chipped, discolored or unevenly spaced teeth. They are also a more conservative restoration as they normally require less removal of tooth structure than full crowns. Their durability means that you can have them for many years without need for replacement.

Tooth Whitening (Bleaching) Bleaching is ideal for persons who have discolored or stained teeth as it helps whiten them to give a more attractive smile. This non-invasive treatment can be used to transform a formerly unattractive smile into something that everyone admires. Patients have the option of having the procedure performed at our facility or at home through our guidance. Results do vary depending on the level of discoloration.

Implants An implant is an artificial root placed by a dentist in the jaw to help hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Teeth replacement using implants give a more natural look and comfort, and can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. They are often better than a fixed bridge as the neighboring teeth are left intact. The use of implants eliminates the need for partial or full denture, making it more secure, comfortable, and less bulky.

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Just like it’s said that “prevention is better than a cure”, we are reliable Dentists at Solana Beach that work to help patients avoid periodontal disease through a comprehensive approach to dental health. If you are looking for dental cleaning at Solana Beach, know that Solana Beach Dentistry is always available to help you maintain that beautiful smile.

It is however, important to note that for an overall, optimal dental health, the approach has to be cooperative. It involves you and our professional team working in unison. The reason why we vouch for preventive measures is to help preserve natural dentition and avoid any unnecessary medical expenditures associated with serious dental diseases and conditions.

Solana Beach Family Dental therefore provides professional dental cleaning services and teaches you the most effective preventive techniques to apply at home. It’s important that you maintain a thorough daily cleaning routine and regular visits to a dentist for comprehensive exams and professional cleaning.

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