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Mortgage Intoducer for Dumfries & Galloway. If you are looking to speak to a mortgage advisor in dumfries, get in touch today and we will put you through to a local mortgage broker!

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When buying a home, it is possible that you may not be able to pay for the house in cash. Like one of those tycoons, you hear about in Scotland. There are financial institutions that lend people money to buy homes. A mortgage refers to the loan meant for buying a residential property.

A mortgage term refers to the duration of the time you acquire the loan up to the time when the borrower fulfills all the loan’s terms and pays the loan plus interest in full. Home buyers who have taken mortgages should adhere to the loan’s terms or risk repossession of their property.

Most home buyers seeking remortgage plans are those who have come to the end of the fixed-rate duration and those who have exhausted their discounted deal offers. Such people know that they may end up paying SVR Standard Variable Rate. SVRs may not be the best deal there is in Scotland, and this calls for the need to look for favorable remortgaging deals.

Remortgaging can significantly impact your mortgage by helping reduce the amount for your monthly repayments. Just to give you a sense of what extent of savings you can get on your mortgage via remortgages deals, most people can bargain and get a 5.5% or at least 4% which immediately reflects in your monthly repayments.

If you have a deal such as a discounted deal, and that deal comes to an end, then it is time to consider remortgage deals before you are made to start making higher repayments by your current mortgage lender. At this point, you need to look out for better remortgage deals in the market. The Scotland remortgage market is full of attractive deals. Therefore, do not wait until it’s too late, thus giving you an opportunity to enjoy a flawless transition to your new deal.

Another important as a factor to consider is the mortgage exit fee that lenders charge for leaving your current mortgage deal at an early stage. Weighing the benefits derived from the new deal against the mortgage exit fee is important in maximizing remortgaging advantages. In most cases, remortgage deals often recover the mortgage exit fee.

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mortgage broker, mortgage advisor, financial advisor If you are planning to buy a home or property, you should start saving immediately. You could also consider secondary sources of income to complement your monthly paycheck. Saving money for a deposit is a daunting task for a first-time home buyer. You should grasp all the help you can get. Home owner’s grant will help you get started with your project.

Based on your circumstances, you may be able to get other grants or stamp duty exceptions. You will need at least a 10% deposit towards your home purchase. You desperately need to grow your savings as fast as possible so that you realize your dream of owning a home sooner.

You can use the following formulae to calculate the amount you can afford to borrow:-The amount you can afford to borrow + deposit saved – fees and charges = amount you can spend on a property To calculate the amount of deposit you need to have in your savings, you use the following formula:- The amount you need to buy the property + Fees and charges – amount you can afford to borrow = Deposit you need to save.

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