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Located in Toronto, Ontario, Foot Sensation is a leading comfort shoes and custom orthotics provider offering a range of foot care solutions. Foot Sensation products include: orthopedic shoes, custom shoe fittings, shoe modifications, foot accessories, and custom made orthotics. Foot Sensation has the largest selection of comfort footwear in The GTA.

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Upon referral from your health care professional we can provide medical grade Compression stockings. Varicose veins, Venus insufficiency or just tired legs, compression stockings help aid circulation in the lower limbs.Please feel free to contact us at 416-239-4122 (Etobicoke Location) or 647-435-1240 (Danforth Locaton).You can also email us at: requests@footsensation.ca

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Footwear has come a long way in terms of offering orthopaedic features without affecting style, however sometimes the shoe may need modification to produce better results. The types of footwear modifications a Canadian Certified Pedorthist – C. Ped (C) can complete range from the simple to complex and include:STRETCHING- A standard shoe stretcher can increase the width, depth or volume of the upper.ROCKER SOLE- Used to reduce painful pressure on the bottom on the foot, reduce energy consumption and reduce stress on stiff or painful joints in the foot and ankle.

BUTTRESS- Useful with extreme hypermobility or deformity of the foot that cannot be controlled by an orthotic and shoe alone.CHARCOT MODIFICATION- Used to accommodate severe deformity and reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot. Examples: Charcot foot, plantar bony prominences, plantar foot ulcers.EXCAVATIONS- Used to reduce vertical pressure on areas of the bottom of the foot.

FLARE- Increases stability of the shoe and gently forces the foot away from the modified side.SACH HEEL- Reduces shock at heel strike and compensates for diminished ankle motion.SHOE EXTENSION- Accommodation for structural leg length difference and occasionally functional leg length difference, scoliosis or pelvic imbalance following injury or surgery.

SHUFFLE PLATE- Useful with an inability to fully lift the forefoot or a shuffle gait.THOMAS HEEL- Provides added support for an excessively pronated foot. WEDGE- Used to prevent distorting of the upper and sole of the shoe and improve control in feet.These modifications can be made to everyday footwear – as well as some athletic footwear. Some modifications are not appropriate for all types of footwear and your options should be discussed carefully with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

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