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Hoffer Adler is a business law firm in Toronto with trademark lawyers who assist clients with all aspects of trademark law, and franchise lawyers who provide franchisor and franchisee services, cross border & international franchising, franchise association services, and franchise litigation. Hoffer Adler lawyers also practice in business law, intellectual property and brand management law, and litigation.

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Our firm is experienced in the litigation of a wide variety of civil disputes in multiple federal and provincial jurisdictions in Canada, at the trial and appellate levels. We are also experienced with alternative forms of dispute resolution. We are focused on selecting the most advantageous forum and strategy with which to advance our clients' interests in a cost-effective manner.

We are also sensitive to the needs of our clients while they are engaged in the litigation process, whether they be individuals, small businesses, or large institutions. Communication is a key to insuring clients are aware of their rights, and of the risks and potential benefits of any court or tribunal process. We endeavor to ensure our clients are well-informed at every step, involved in the decision-making that goes into management of legal proceedings on their behalf, and comfortable with the representation we provide.

Professional liability is a challenging area of the law. It demands an excellent understanding of the legal requirements surrounding the provision of professional services, and the applicable evidentiary issues associated with proving or defending, often with expert witnesses, any given case in any claim, be it brought in negligence, informed consent, breach of fiduciary duty, or otherwise.

Our lawyers' experience is substantial and includes defense of professionals in a variety of fields and contexts, most heavily focused on physicians, chiropractors and lawyers.

We are sensitive to the impact a claim can have on a professional's reputation and personal wellbeing, and at the same time are sensitive to the need for efficiency and efficacy of those providing for professionals' defense in insurance or similar contexts.

Product and Services

Efficient and effective resolution of commercial disputes is of key importance to business of any size, in any sector. Of key importance is the ability to achieve expeditious resolution where possible, and successfully to fight through the litigation process when that becomes necessary.

Our case experience in the business context is broad, including such diverse subject matter as franchising, media and entertainment, telecommunications, manufacturing, financing, insurance, real estate, and intellectual property disputes.

We have the skill and experience successfully to resolve cases through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, where possible, and to help you stand your ground, including in the prosecution or defense of interim or interlocutory proceedings for injunctive, mandatory, or other extraordinary relief when required.

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