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Phase 3 is a Santa Barbara based Web Design, SEO and IT services firm. We offer preventive IT service to small businesses and web design to small and medium enterprises. Our technicians specialize in PC server and workstation maintenance. Our web developers are proficient in high-end database design, custom ecommerce and content management solutions and specialize in Coldfusion development. Whether you are a small business needing your PC's serviced, or a website owner looking for SEO or to add a professional shopping cart, we deliver world class service with guaranteed results.

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Security is not a new problem, but the average home or small business owner has maintained an attitude over the past several decades that they are not a target. Few actually realize that most hackers are committing crimes of opportunity, like a drive-by hacking, they are looking for open networks and easy targets. This is different from spear-phishing where a user is targeting in a pre-meditated fashion. Instead, these drive-by hacks take advantage of wifi passwords that use old encryption or haven’t been changed from their defaults. Most new wifi equipment comes with a password installed that is unique to that device, moving away from the “admin” and “password” defaults that most manufacturer’s of old equipment used, however, even these new unique codes can be predicted by hackers with an average skill level.

Other popular attitudes are that “we have nothing to hide” or “nothing of interest”. That’s not actually true. If you connect to an email system or facebook account, then you are transmitting your username and password over the network, and those could be “scraped” by hackers who later would impersonate you to attack your friends, or even use your computer to commit a crime. Of course that’s also assuming that you don’t do any online banking or shopping where the hackers could glean personal account data and sell it on the black market for a few dollars.

In our active connected lives we’ve become dependent on our computers and devices for everything from buying music to running our businesses, and when they malfunction our lives can come to a sudden stop. Getting the right support when you need it can be difficult, but our consultants can get you back up and running in no time.

Experience and diversity is key when troubleshooting technology. From iPhones and Android tablets to Windows 10, the integration between the devices we use in our daily lives has become quite complicated while maintaining the illusion of simplicity. This becomes evident when a Windows update prevents your phone from syncing it’s contents, receiving email, printing documents, or perhaps the computer is frozen on the Windows Update screen telling you not to turn your computer off. Our consultants have diverse experience in troubleshooting these devices and have a finely tuned process for evaluating and determining the root cause.

We understand how the computer plays a critical role in making our lives run smoothly, and that is why we have some of the fastest response times in Santa Barbara. Our team will explain everything in plain english so you understand what’s wrong and what’s involved in getting your computer up and running. We’ll guide you through the decision making process if repairs need to be made, and will suggest the best options to help you decide.

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santa barbara web design,Computer Repair Service,Computer Support and Services A slow computer can literally ruin your day, especially when you have urgent matters to attend to but it won’t let you. Most computer slowdowns and crashes are due to an infection or computer that hasn’t been maintained, cleaned or protected by an antivirus security suite. Unless your computer is only days old, we’ve found that most sluggish behavior is due to malicious files and junk originating from downloaded emails and your browsing history. Over time, these files tend to take over your hard drive slowing the computer to a crawl if not just causing it to crash.

Viruses and spyware usually infiltrate computers for the purpose spreading itself while weakening your computer’s security for hackers to take remote access. In most cases infections are random and not targeted attacks, however the damage can be just as critical as a targeted attack. In the case of ransomware, the virus encrypts unsuspecting users’ data so they cannot access it without paying the attacker for the key to unlock it.

While hackers are best deterred by keeping your software patched and current, antivirus and security software is the key prevention method for spyware and infections that would be spread by email or through your web browser. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if the computer is new or old, following are a couple of our recommended software solutions to protect yourself before an infection occurs.

If you have more than a single computer in your home or small office and you’d like them all to be online at the same time, then you need a local area network or Wi-Fi installation. It’s rare these days for computer users not to be somewhat familiar with networking, however all users experience problems that they occasionally need assistnace with, from sharing video, connecting to the internet or even printing from your computer to a network shared printer.

With all the hacking stories in the news, there’s also been a surge in concern over security and privacy. Most home and small business professionals aren’t well versed in best practices and don’t aren’t familiar with regular maintenance requirements of these networks.

A professionally maintained network will provide continuous security against neighbors, competing businesses trying to steal your data or spy on you, as well as eliminated bandwidth congestion, outages and slow-downs. Properly managed cabling helps identify which devices are connected and prevents confusion when troubleshooting and eases network expansion when adding new devices and users.

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