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115 Central Park West , New York- 10023
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Cosmetic Dentistry NYC - New York

Our mission is to establish a rewarding & lasting relationship with all of our patients. We will focus on each patient by conducting one-on-one sessions during each visit. We pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date dental techniques, materials in Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.We help you obtain beautiful teeth and gums so that you can feel free to live your life and love your smile!

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The LUMINEERS They’re not veneers, they’re LUMINEERS – a difference you can see There’s simply no substitute for LUMINEERS. Unlike traditional veneers that involve a much longer more painful process that can take months, LUMINEERS are the quick easy way–just 2 dentist visits– to a beautiful smile, beautiful you.
The traditional veneers process:

Traditional veneers are sometimes referred to as crowns or caps. These porcelain sleeves are placed over your teeth through a process that can demand the extensive grinding down of healthy tooth structure. This can require painful shots, and many long dentist appointments.

Temporary crowns are placed on your teeth while your traditional veneers are made, it can take months before your veneers are ready. Your temporaries are then removed, which also may require shots and needles, and your permanent veneers are inserted. Sometimes additional appointments are required to ensure that your bite is correct.

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Dental implants are metallic cylinders, which are placed into the jawbone where original teeth once existed. These root like cylinders are used to secure a replacement tooth in place when a tooth is missing. Dental implants can also be used to secure teeth in place that are loose by being placed alongside these loose teeth and anchoring to them with splinted crowns. This will allow the loose teeth to function better and last longer in the mouth.

People lose one or more teeth for a wide variety of reasons,which includes infection, gum disease, accident or injury. When your natural teeth are removed, many problems can occur. The remaining teeth can shift, rotate or become crooked and twisted. An improper bite will develop, making it very difficult for you to chew your food properly. Spaces and gaps between teeth may cause embarrassment, problems with speech, and lack of self-esteem.

Dental implants, when properly placed, can restore missing teeth, thereby eliminating these potential problems. People who have teeth replaced with dental implants report better ability to chew food and eat properly, renewed confidence while speaking, and better self-esteem.

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Cosmetic Dentistry NYC
Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan
I had been living with a broken tooth and the ugly look of it for over 3 years and finally decided to get it fixed. Cosmetic dentistry clinic in Manhattan fixed my tooth and my smile looks a million times better.