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Integrative Health Center of Charlottesville - Charlottesville

Integrative Health Center of Charlottesville offers comprehensive and customizable weight loss programs to help you lose up to 1 Pound of Fat per day. This Cutting Edge Weight Loss Program is customized to get results fast and safely using various natural health and life extension evidence based and wholistic methods.

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Several studies have shown that infrared sauna therapy lowers blood pressure significantly. In one study done by the University of Missouri, Kansas City subjects were randomly assigned to either an infrared sauna or a conventional sauna. Systolic blood pressure decreased from an average of 130.5 to 124 in those that underwent infrared sauna treatment. Those who were treated in a conventional sauna showed no statistical improvement in blood pressure.

Many people have never heard of PEMF Therapy in Charlottesville VA. PEMF stands for Pulse Electro-Magnetic Fields. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been used in Europe for over a decade. I’m delighted to let all my patients know that it has now come to America. It is approved as an FDA class one device, which means it is approved for use for general health and well-being.

We utilize the top of the line PEMF machine (MG PRO) for injury repair and pain elimination today. This is not a panacea for everything, but it is an excellent adjunct to what we offer here in our office.

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weight loss, body contouring, anti-aging The primary benefit of a sauna is that it induces sweating. Although most of us go to great lengths to avoid sweating, perspiration has two essential functions: It cools you down, and it rids the body of waste products.The body contains two main types of sweat glands:

Apocrine glands, located mostly in the armpits, pubic area and scalp, secrete sweat that contains fats and other organic compounds. (Bacteria on the skin interacting with these compounds is what causes body odor.) These glands, which become functional at puberty, also emit hormones and pheromones believed to attract the opposite sex.Eccrine glands, which number more than 2 million and are scattered all over the body, are the real workhorses when it comes to sweating. Activated by heat as well as stress and emotions, these glands secrete odorless, watery sweat that cools you down as it evaporates on the skin.

Sweat does more than regulate body temperature.Many of the tens of thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment make their way into our food, water and air. No matter how pure your diet or lifestyle, I guarantee that your body contains traces of hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals such as pesticides, drugs, solvents and dioxins. There are ways to get rid of stored toxins, and one of them is sweating.

Sweating mobilizes toxins stored in the fat and enhances their elimination. If you’ve ever been around a heavy smoker or drinker, you know they reek of nicotine or alcohol—it literally pours out of their skin in their sweat. The same is true, although less obvious, of other toxins.

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