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Ukmedix is the Uk's leading online health clinic. Offering free & discrete, guaranteed delivery of health treatments to your door. As the largest UK operator, Ukmedix has unrivalled access to treatment information and updates on medicine. Regularly seen in The DailyMail, The UK Times, The Guardian and other leading UK publications.

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The earlier you begin to treat your symptoms the better your results are likely to be. You may have seen the Norwood Hamilton charts that help us identify the stage our hair loss has reached (see diagrams). Men in the early stages 1 - 3 are likely to see full restoration of their hair, while those with more advanced baldness should be able to arrest the decline.

Even at stage 5 where the bald patch is expanding across the scalp to meet the receding line of the temples, Propecia can slow and usually reverse your symptoms.Regular use of Propecia will help you stop further hair loss and stimulate your follicles to begin producing hair again.

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Ukmedix, Uk health care, uk medicine delivery, uk health treatments, online health We tend to refer to hairloss in males as male pattern baldness. It is caused by androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary genetic sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is our reaction to DHT that makes it possible for men suffering from male pattern baldness to then re-grow hair naturally.

All men produce the hormone DHT, but in many men there is a reaction to the hormone that causes a shrinkage in the hair follicles that eventually stops them producing hair altogether. Because the follicles remain in place it is possible to stimulate them to grow hair again and reduce or even reverse the thinning hair line.

UKMedix offer oral treatments that can help stimulate your hair growth, without the high cost and unnatural sudden changes associated with surgical procedures.The simple oral treatment available from UKMedix is called Propecia and can help reverse balding to the extent that users can again enjoy a full head of hair. Propecia's active ingredient is called finasteride which blocks the effect of the DHT hormone and consequently stops the loss of hair and can lead to new growth.

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