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Remington & Dixon PLLC is a law firm in Charlotte NC providing services in Family and Criminal Defense.  If you have a family law matter or need a criminal defense attorney, you need an attorney that will fight for you.Phone: 704-817-9050 Website: http://remingtondixon.com/

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Being charged with assault or battery is a serious offense in North Carolina. In North Carolina, there are dozens of different kinds of assault charges with which you may be charged, including malicious castration, malicious maiming, felonious assault with a deadly weapon, domestic abuse, assault inflicting serious bodily injury, and more. The different types of assault can be found in Article 8 of North Carolina General Statutes, and are classified as either felony or misdemeanor assaults.

Just as there are multiple different types of assault under the state’s criminal code, an experienced violent assault lawyer knows there are different penalties for each crime. If you have been accused of a type of violent assault, such as assault inflicting serious bodily injury, and you are convicted on this charge, you will be guilty of a class F felony. In order to be convicted, the person who was assaulted must have suffered serious bodily injury, which the law defines as permanent disfigurement, coma, a permanent condition that results in extreme pain, the loss of use of a bodily organ, or another condition that creates a risk of death. Our violent assault lawyers will explain that a class F felony charge can carry a prison sentence of up to 41 months.

However, not all assaults are felony charges; misdemeanor assaults, batteries, and affrays, simple and aggravated, are also types of violent assault, but assault charges that carry less severe penalties. Our violent assault lawyers recognize these charges are much more common in North Carolina, and typically carry a penalty of a prison sentence of up to one year, although a community service sentence may be issued instead. If you do not have a previous criminal record, and your assault did not result in bodily injury to the victim, then this sentence may be reduced.

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divorce attorney charlotte nc, child custody lawyer charlotte nc, charlotte alimony attorney, Charlotte criminal defense lawyer, Criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC Being arrested and charged with a crime is scary. What can be even more terrifying is the knowledge that being convicted of a crime can forever change your life. In fact, criminal charges can result in fines that cause you to go into debt, prison time that prevents you from being near your family or enjoying your life at home, and other long-lasting implications, such as the inability to get custody of your child, get hired for a job, or participate in certain activities and opportunities.

When you are charged with a crime and have questions about what happens next, the best thing that you can do to protect your rights and improve your chances of a brighter future is to call a skilled Charlotte, North Carolina criminal defense lawyer.

At Remington & Dixon, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers have experience helping those who have been charged with violent assault, drug crimes, driving with a revoked license, and more. We are passionate about making sure that the rights of every person who is charged with a crime are protected during the judicial process.

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