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Lean Six Sigma training and certification can be used to improve visibility on problems, manage progress and focus cross functional teams on practical solutions. Lean Six Sigma Training

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Every business needs a go-to person, the person who knows what is happening and can deliver performance improvement. The person who is asked to take on the special projects. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt gives you the tools to be the go-to person in your organisation.

Green Belt tools are not complex. They are effective techniques that help you focus on key issues. The Green Belt training course looks at the common wastes in processes and how to tackle them. Excess movement, inventory, cycle-time, defects, service levels all come under the spot light.

Create the Value Stream map and identify the 'critical to process' and the 'critical to quality' metrics. Collect the data that reflects performance. Analyse and investigate the core issues. Focus in on the root causes and generate solution ideas. Update the process and lock in changes with process control plans.

At the end of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will have the confidence to take on bigger projects. You will have a range of tools which can be used to deep dive into performance issues and build better solutions.

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Lean Six Sigma Certification, Lean Training, business analyst training Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training gives you the fundamentals you need to tackle process improvement. It introduces the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC improvement cycle and shows how it can be applied to business processes. Lean Six Sigma DMAIC helps you gain insight into process problems and solutions.

The Lean Six Sigma software - unique to LeanSixSigmaTraining.com - is designed to help you with your improvement projects. Check out the software and see how you can take a step by step approach to the application of DMAIC.

Your success with Lean six sigma depends on the team supporting your efforts. The course shows you how to create your lean six sigma improvement team. Discover how you can involve team-members as part of your improvement process, harness their ideas and make the changes that deliver results.

At the end of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course, there is a multiple choice exam. The exam helps confirm your understanding of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt principles. It takes about 50 minutes to complete the exam and it is a core part of your Lean Six Sigma certification.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training shows how to move away from making decisions based on gut-feeling, to start using tools that establish cause and effect relationships. It is the first step to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

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