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315 Outram Road Tan Boon Liat Building #01-09 , Singapore- 169074
Singapore , Singapore  Singapore
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Natures Glory Pte Ltd - Singapore

Nature's Glory Pte Ltd is the largest wholesaler for organic food in Singapore.Nature’s Glory was formed in 1991 with the vision and mission to discover the best of Nature, for the betterment of health and lives of Mankind. Our philosophy is that Man should be in harmony with Nature. Below are some of the product categories available in Nature's Glory.1) Fresh Organic Produce - All our organic products are independently certified and meet (even exceeding) international organic standards set by Japan, Europe, US and Australia.2) HiFloAM Water - Newest Technology for Drinking Water and is proven to be better than alkaline water.3) Dr Bronner Organic Soap - The natural organic soap that is good for your skin.4) Blendtec Blender - The most powerful appliance for your kitchen to help you in your wellness.5) Health Supplements - Enjoy our distinguished range of world class health products to revitalise your health.For more info, please visit our website at www.natures-glory.com for more information.Delivery is provided for minimum purchase.

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Other Categories : Organic Food Delivery, Blendtec Blender, Dr Bronner Soap Singapore

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All our organic products are independently certified and meet (even exceeding) international organic standards set by Japan, Europe, US and Australia.Every batch of our organic fresh produce are AIR FLOWN every week so that it reaches you MUCH FRESHER compared to those which come by sea (within hours instead of weeks and overstocking). This is important to ensure that the life forces and enzymes are still present in the foods with higher nutrients when you consume. We only import top or export grade quality for higher nutrients and not offering at sub-grades to many who are not well informed.

Each batch is even accompanied by an organic produce certificate issued by NASAA or the certifying body of Australia and in the letterhead of the Australian Government.We DO NOT carry fresh produce from farms or middlemen practicing non organic methods of farming, NOR FROM DUBIOUS SOURCES as we do not want to take the risk of mixing with non organic produce neither to encourage temptation to deceive the inspectors, the importers like us and affecting customers who have good confidence in us.

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Organic Food, Health Supplement, Organic Food Delivery, Dr Bronner Organic Soap, Blendtec Blender Singapore, HiFloAM Water - Better than Alkaline Water!We have organic grains, beans, seeds, nuts and raisins. Our cold pressed oils are extracted without chemicals. Our shoyu sauce are not using industrial methods of colourings, preservatives and additives, with the usual bean husk and unhealthy table salt. Taste the difference in our award-winning traditional shoyu and tamaric (no wheat) sauces.

They are fermented for 18 months, using whole beans, sea salt and koji, giving out natural aroma. Just imagine our organic misos are fermented 18 to 36 months with healthy enzymes, ideal for dishes, soups and casseroles. They complement well with vegetables, tofu, seaweeds, shitake and dried bonito. To add healthy flavour, use our special organic brown rice vinegar, ponzu, mirin, and kudzu root starch. For morning breakfast, enjoy our organic cereals,jams and juices. To flush out toxins, take our various seaweeds rich in minerals and also the organic teas. Treat yourself in our natural and healthy noodles and crackers, without the usual table salt and MSG.

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