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Wilcote is a proudly South African, family-owned waterproofing and damp proofing company established in 1990. At Wilcote, we offer a wide array of services ranging from waterproofing, damp proofing, roof repair and restoration, swimming pool refurbishment, exterior and interior painting and other building solutions. Wilcote has vast experience, in all aspects associated with the restoration and refurbishment of all types of structures and buildings. Over 24 years’ experience, we have developed an excellent track record and are able to provide cost effective, long term Solutions, for all of our customers’ needs and requirements.For free quotation, call @ 032 942 2022/33 or visit http://www.wilcote.co.za/. WILCOTE has vast experience, in all aspects associated with the Restoration and Refurbishment of all types of Structures and Buildings. This expertise includes the many levels required and directed at Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic environments.

Some of the many Projects WILCOTE specializes in and has successfully concluded are:    Badly corroded Chemical Tanks,Chemical resistant Coatings for Abattoirs, Hospital Theaters, Laboratories, Hotel kitchens and sculleries. Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring Systems for Hatcheries, Dairies, Furniture Factories and Warehouses, Hospitals, the Food and Motor Industry, etc.Specialized Waterproofing Systems to prevent the ingress of water on High-rise buildings, Flats and Apartments.
The repair and rejuvenation of expansion joints and cracks, particularly those that are the sub-sequence of subsidence and bad building practices.

 Specialized Coatings associated with the correct proceduresrelating to Exterior and Interior Redecoration.Specialized Rust converters and Rust inhibitors.General painting of Barge-boards, Windows, Ceilings, Doors etc.Over the past 24 years, WILCOTE has developed an excellent track record. With our on-going Restoration and Refurbishment Projects, Countrywide, we are able to successfully provide cost effective, long term Solutions, for all of our Customers needs and requirements.All of WILCOTE’S Systems and Solutions carry guarantees.

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Additional Information

WILCOTE is qualified and experienced with all aspects of Waterproofing. These include the following:
    Flat Roof waterproofing.
    Lining of concrete and Asbestos box gutters.
    All aspects of Roofing including concrete tiles, corrugated iron, asbestos etc..
    Ridge capping and valleys on tile roofs, chimneys, parapet walls and vent pipes.
    Lateral and rising damp including waterproofing of weather facing walls.
    Waterproofing of fibre cement, face brick and concrete block surfaces.
    Reservoirs, troughs, earth dams etc.
Due to the many aspects and different criteria relating to waterproofing,
WILCOTE have numerous products, systems and solutions to solve and remedy each specific problem.WILCOTE are Approved and Nominated Contractors for a wide range of Flat Roof Waterproofing Manufacturers, as well as applicators of Bituthene and ABE related products.

WILCOTE have access to Italian and Spanish Torch-on Systems and have the Wiltorch 4mm Torch-on Range.WILCOTE are proud to manufacture long lasting, quality and durable products,or all the different Waterproofing related solutions.Damp Problems in our Buildings.

There are many adverse health effects of living in a damp buildings.
Rising damp and lateral damp will make a building cold, as the heat within the Building is absorbed to force the moisture from the walls. Living in cold and damp conditions causes certain medical conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Where the damp has caused fungi, the fungal spores add to the bronchial problems

Rising damp is a condition where moisture from the ground travels up through the pores in the bricks and mortar of a building, much in the same way that oil travels up through the wick of an oil lamp – once rising damp has become established, this moisture can cause problems such as damp patches on walls, peeling paint / wallpaper and eventually plaster falling away from the wall and structure of the building. In the longer term, it will lead to structural damage to the building, if left unchecked.

Rising damp has been mostly understood for about 100 years. It is a common building practice, to install a damp proof course (DPC) whenever a building is built. This DPC can become ineffective for a number of reasons:-  The original builder forgot to install a DPC or it was not positioned correctly at the first instance. The original DPC has deteriorated due, for example, to house settlement, vibration, from passing traffic, or general land subsidence. This is especially common where a Bitumen DPC was used.

The damp course has been “bridged” e.g. by earth being piled up against an outside wall.
The symptoms of rising damp can often be confused. All types of dampness require different methods of treatment. It is essential that an expert is consulted to diagnose the type of dampness to be treated.Damp is often treated for cosmetic reasons, only. The expertise of a professional Waterproofing, Damproofing and Roofing Company, is required to prevent the long term damping effects, which become costly.

Our homes and buildings are our largest ever investment. If left untreated, rising damp can cause structural and cosmetic problems that will adversely affect the value of this investment. The fungal attack often associated with damp and waterproofing problems, can be extremely damaging. Damp timbers are also, known to be more susceptible to termite attack, than dry timbers and also the infestation of insects.Always use a company who is professional and understands the entire spectrum of Lateral and Rising Damp, Waterproofing and Roofing Procedures. A Long Term Professional Solution is the only road forward.

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