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Plot no. 1/2B & 1B/3A , Industrial Area no. 1 A.B. Road , Dewas - 455001
Madhya Pradesh , India  India
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Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Limited - Dewas

Parag fans & cooling systems limited, the world's leading manufacturer of high efficiency axial flow frp (fiber glass reinforced plastic) fans and other related components since 1987. The company stretches itself on an 8 acre site with a built up area of 80,000 sq. Feet in dewas (m. P. ), India. we are an organization, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, test laboratory, computer aided design center, which enables us to manufacture high performance axial flow industrial frp fans in India and Canada. Our in-house mould making gives us an edge to develop and deliver the excellent high efficiency axial flow frp fans and allied components.

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FRP Grids are used to support splash fills in Cross Flow Cooling Towers. The life and effectiveness of splash fills are substantially enhanced due to FRP Grids.’Parag’ FRP Grids have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance with high tensile strength to sustain varying live and dead loads due to change in moisture content at different temperatures. The FRP grids are manufactured using polyester resins and quality glass ravings to meet stringent requirements.’Parag’ FRP Grids are available in different sizes to match splash fills of any Cooling Tower.

Custom sizes can be manufactured against specific orders.With our in-house capability to build own moulds, we can offer a wide range of sizes.With our in-house capability to build our own mold, we are able to offer custom sizes to fit specific customer requirements.

In order to achieve higher static efficiencies, select a fan with high pressure and low air flow regions as derived from the performance curves. In operating environments that have a high velocity pressure, the use of a velocity recovery cone is highly recommended. Select a fan that has the appropriate tip speed to meet the required noise limitations. Select a fan with adequate static pressure margin to avoid stall and minimize noise level.

Whether the requirement is for replacement or OEM fans, our application engineers can provide technical assistance as well as a cost benefit analysis to determine the optimum fan solution for your requirement. We also offer on-site test and analysis services to evaluate fan performance.

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Axial flow fans Frp fans Cooling tower fans Fin-fan Air cooled heat exchanger fans Air cooled condenser fans Acc fans Energy efficient fans Airfoil fan blades FRP fan shrouds FRP inlet bells.

As a logical extension to our technological advances and innovations, ”Parag” offers structurally strong, hollow, seamless, lightweight construction blades with sophisticated aerodynamic profiles.

Conventional metal / aluminum blades offer a lower lift to drag (Cl / Cd) ratio resulting in flow separation and turbulence at the leading edge of the blades causing higher profile loss. ”Parag” provides higher blade twist angle and optimum camber offering very high efficiency of the fans. Our blade profile, confirming to N.A.C.A. 23012 aerofoil characteristics with high Cl / Cd ratio, greater twist, taper, camber and consistent FRP blade shape, can improve total efficiency up to 90% resulting in considerable energy savings or higher air flow for the identical operating conditions (Air Flow, Total Pressure and RPM) in a given system.

To ensure a higher quality product for our customers, we have adopted a state-of-the-art manufacturing process using advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality standards. ‘Parag’ FRP Fan blades are made very precisely using moulds. This level of precision is not possible with the manufacturing process used for the existing aluminum / metal blades. Both, casting and extrusion manufacturing processes have expensive tooling and face a challenge in generating blade profiles with high twist and camber characteristics.

This has restricted them to retain low camber in their design. Further there is a high level of inconsistency in manufacturing tolerances of blades or dimensional stability of the metallic blades causing further deterioration of fan performance. There is also a high level of inconsistency in the manufacturing tolerances and the dimensional stability of metallic blades causing a further reduction in fan performance. In order to prevent these inconsistencies, ‘Parag’ Fans are manufactured using advanced vacuum infusion technology enabling uniform weight and wall thickness.

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