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1125 West St. Suite 200 , Annapolis- 21401
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Enjoy better quality tenants when you entrust your rental property to the property management experts at Academy Property Management.

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The average professional property manager has a volume of business that justifies the cost of paying a vendor that will allow them to pull credit reports, check for judgments, and prior defaults along with their record of evictions. Mrs. Litten looks at many factors that would be red flags to her about a possible tenant but says “the typical property owner doesn’t realize that these are good things to take a look at in advance and so even though they are intelligent people it doesn’t mean they’re savvy about what to look for in a tenant.” And she adds “Even with the right questions and tools along with many years of experience it’s not just about the credit report. There are a lot of things to look for that make up a comprehensive vetting process so that a person who passes each test, so to speak, is more likely to be a good tenant in paying the rent, paying it on time, not damaging the property and not breaking the various other terms of the lease”.

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In the wake of the real estate bust which began in 2007, many owners of residential property unintentionally became landlords. People who never intended to be a landlord unexpectedly found themselves in the rental market because they needed to move but were unable to sell their property. No doubt many were under water when they needed to sell or were part of dual income households where there was a job loss or medical disability that caused a reduction in income.

Whatever the reason, homeowners who were fortunate enough to hold onto their property have had to learn how to navigate the complexities of property management. Learning how to manage property and keep up with all of the rest of one’s life and priorities can be difficult and time-consuming. And an unqualified tenant can make life miserable for the landlord, eating up loads of precious time and costing thousands of dollars in the process.

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