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Unit A1 The Avenues 11th Avenue North , Gateshead- NE11 0NJ
Tyne and Wear , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Cool Breeze Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd - Gateshead

Formed in 1996, to specialise in the installation of the latest air conditioning equipment, we now supply on average about two million pounds worth of air conditioning equipment every year.We have about 20 qualified and experienced employees. At Cool Breeze we only use our own employees to install equipment so that we can ensure that the highest quality is maintained. All our engineers are industry certified and possess Refrigerant Handling Certificates. The directors of Cool Breeze believe that in an ever-increasing competitive and technical industry, our operatives are key to the future success.We strongly believe that our key people of tomorrow are our young apprentices of today.For this reason we firmly believe in ensuring that our apprentices get the best training, support and are given the correct guidance to optimise their own skill and ability.

Here at Cool Breeze our apprentices undergo industry-leading training provided by Rolls Royce, spending their first year at purpose-built training facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne and then onto site training with day release at college.Here at Cool Breeze, we believe that although our products give you the power to control indoor environments, it is our responsibility as a contractor to ensure that we work hard to protect the outdoor environment.

We strive to install products which preserve the environment, in fact all of our engineers consider areas such as refrigerants, sound, indoor air quality and product efficiency when designing and installing our products.

Refrigerants,Cool Breeze have long recognised that CFCs and HCFCs are harmful to the Earth's ozone layer. All installations now employ R410a, or R407C and R404 which are internationally recognised as long term replacements for ozone depleting gasses.

Noise,We fully recognise that noise pollution is an important issue in today's world. Many urban areas already have strict regulations regarding noise pollution. All installations designed by ourselves are done so with local residents/occupants in mind.

Indoor Air Quality,Good quality air is essential for our health and well-being, so it is important that the places where we spend our time have an adequate supply of fresh air. Nowadays we spend around 80% of our time indoors and if the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is poor, we can suffer from a number of health problems. Pollutants and contaminants in the atmosphere can cause symptoms and illnesses ranging from minor irritation of the eyes and nausea, to more serious problems such as liver disease and cancer.

For many people, these symptoms may be little more than inconveniences that make them feel unhappy with their place of work employer. For others the consequences can be more serious. Long term passive smoking can lead to lung cancer or heart disease, similarly a ventilation system that is not properly cleaned and maintained can spread fatal illnesses such as Legionnaires Disease.

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Additional Information

We work across a variety of sectors and with large multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises. We also work with public sector and ‘not for profit’ organisations.The following is merely an extract from our client list and is provided as a guide. To find out about our full experience in these or other sectors please contact us.

Telecoms (clients include Vodafone, United Utilities, NTL).Mechanical Contractors (clients include Crown HSE, Balfour, Kilpatricks, NE Baileys).Retail Sector (clients include Ikea, TK MAXX, Next, Comet, Body Shop).Builders (clients include McAlpine, Tolent, Carillion).

Recent Projects
St James' Park, home of Newcastle United FC - Work carried out within Shearer's Bar and the brand new Adidas Club Shop.Ikea - 1000 KW Chiller Replacement project recently completed at the Swedish furniture giants' Gateshead UK outlet.

Product and Services

Coolbreeze meets every requirement for industrial refrigeration. The company provides a full range of compressors, computerised monitoring systems and air conditioning equipment, backed by consultancy and service.

Industrial, and commercial refrigeration needs for a wide range of land-based and off-shore industries are satisfied daily on the basis of more than 30 years experience of refrigeration at Coolbreeze.

Reliable equipment and plant is provided by the company’s manufacture and supply of products from the world-renowned Arneg, Bosch, Copeland, Daikin, Drakes, Electrolux, Foster, Fujitsu, Gram, Indesit, Lec, Levin, Mitsubishi, Porkka, Sadia, Toshiba, Transfrig, Tricity, Trimco, Whirlpool, Williams and Zanussi.

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