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Sales Talent Agency is a premier sales recruitment company in Toronto. The Sales Recruiters actively match top sales job candidates with leading companies across Canada. They actively recruit for more than 400 companies and present more than 600 candidates to their clients every month. No company in Canada places more professional sales people each year than Sales Talent Agency

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The purpose of a job summary is for you to inform potential clients or employers of your current role, which in turn allows them to identify the transferable skills that you possess. In other words, this is an opportunity for you to describe not just the job you did, but how well you did it. If the key buzzwords are not included or accurately represented in your job summary, it becomes a missed opportunity.

Bragging about yourself is typically a taboo thing to do. Most people are not interested in hearing you go on and on about how great you are. However, if you are interviewing for a sales position, it is a completely different story. Not only are you expected to run through all of the amazing things you have done – the more you can share, the better. In fact, it can also differentiate you from other candidates and help land you the job.

The traditional list of desirable vocations has expanded in recent years, as parents begin to recognize that it’s possible to make good money doing jobs today that didn’t exist when they were growing up.

But while ‘doctor,’ ‘lawyer’ and ‘engineer’ have been joined by ‘entrepreneur’ and even ‘YouTube celebrity,’ one historically high-achieving and well-paid career remains conspicuously absent: salesperson. “Young people do not look at sales as a realistic, ideal career path,” says Jamie Scarborough, co-founder of the recruitment firm Sales Talent Agency and a PROFITguide columnist.

Sales can be a very lucrative vocation—Scarborough points out that the best salespeople often earn more than most C-suite executives within a business, and that about a fifth of CEOs come from a sales career path. “But these young people don’t know that,” he says.

Pop culture’s presentation of sales has created something of an image problem for the profession. PerMad Men, sales means closing deals via boozy meals and schmoozing; per Glengarry Glen Ross, it means working for a target-obsessed tyrant like Alec Baldwin’s Blake. Young people don’t want to be associated with the stereotype of the used car salesman trying to hoodwink a naïve customer. “There are crooked lawyers and crooked salespeople and crooked everybody,” observes serial entrepreneur Gerry Pond. “But for whatever reason the vast number of people say [of sales], ‘Well that’s not a respectable job.’”

But Scarborough points out that some of the buzziest names in the business world today are sustained by massive sales machines—Apple sells devices, while Google and Facebook sell ads. “Sales is about problem-solving in today’s day and age,” he maintains. Early experience working retail or interacting with a pop-up shop at the mall convinces young people that sales is about pushing things consumers don’t want. “[But in] corporate sales you never sell anything that people don’t need or want,” says Scarborough. “[Businesses] don’t buy passionately, they only buy economically and efficiently. You’re selling things that are either going to make more money for the company or make them more efficient.”

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