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Yellowstone Recovery - Costa Mesa

Yellowstone Recovery provides one of the most affordable alcohol and drug rehab programs in California. For over 17 years Yellowstone Recovery has provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to over 5,000 men and women. We help clients break free from addiction to: Heroin, Alcohol, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Spice, Bath Salts, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium & Klonopin.

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Residential treatment extended care starts on day 31 and goes through day 90. This period is very important for a client in early recovery. This is when they prove they can use the tools they learned in primary care. They show they can be accountable, take direction and work a program of recovery.

The client has complete the first 30 days of residential treatment. They have attended daily groups and 12-step meetings. They have gotten a sponsor and started working the 12 steps. They are armed with facts about the disease of alcoholism and addiction and what to do about it. They have completed a relapse prevention plan and identified triggers and developed coping skills.

Outpatient treatment serves as aftercare for clients who have completed extended care (90 days of residential treatment). Clients in outpatient treatment are required to attend 3 groups sessions each week. Clients will also be required to attend an individual session every other week. This session is to turn in assignments and complete objectives on their treatment plan. Participation in 12-step recovery is also a requirement for outpatient treatment. Each client must attend at least 4 meetings per week and be actively working the 12-steps with a sponsor.

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When dealing with the disease of alcoholism the individual with the addiction is not the only one to suffer. The family members suffer as well. Alcoholism is a family disease and everyone plays a part. The alcoholic needs recovery and the family needs a support system around them, a family support group that teaches them how to act around their loved ones. Families of alcoholic’s are not to blame for their loved one’s issues, but they do play a role in the enabling process of one’s addiction that can progress to a state of uncontrollable nature.

how-to-help-an-alcoholicFamily support group members will learn how to set boundaries with their loved ones. They cannot just concede to anything or let down their guard for fear their loved one may react badly. They must take a strong, firm hold on their lives and their possessions to protect themselves and any other members of the family. Anyone in the family of age needs to understand how this disease works and how to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Our California alcohol and drug addiction treatment program is predicated on restoring you to your ideal health. Detox is a crucial part of our drug and alcohol recovery programs because it helps our clients to work first on the physical aspects of addiction and provides them with a firm foundation for effectively dealing with related issues going forward. This is the first phase of the drug rehab program. Our trained staff is always standing by ensuring clients remain comfortable during the detox process.

alcohol detoxUpon intake at our CA drug rehab center, each client undergoes a full bio-psycho-social assessment. This part of the drug rehab process allows us to find out the substances and amounts the client used prior to entering detox. It also enables us to identify the core issues that are most likely to interfere with recovery. Mental health issues may also be identified through this assessment. After the clients are assessed, individualized drug treatment programs can be developed to bring about and maintain the stabilization of each client’s physical detox and to support his or her ongoing recovery.

Stabilization can be achieved during drug and alcohol rehab through one of two methods. The first method is well-known as "cold turkey," during which the client detoxes naturally. The second method guides the client through detox with the assistance of medication.

The client will be informed as to what to expect from each of the drug rehab programs so that he or she can make an educated decision on which detox method to choose. The second method does utilize medication to reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms making them more bearable; however, the medications are non-narcotic and only prescribed for a period of 10 days to prevent a new addiction from forming. For this reason, we suggest this method only in extreme cases.

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