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1375 Southdown Rd #304 , Mississauga- L5J 2Z1
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Brian Collinson, Psychotherapist - Mississauga

Brian Collinson, Psychotherapist is a leading psychotherapist, counsellor, and Jungian Analyst in Mississauga, Ontario. Clients see Brian because they have some kind of hardship, pain, misery or serious stress, anxiety or depression in their lives. Brian focuses on individual psychotherapy / Jungian analysis for long-term growth and in-depth personal change.

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Many of the people who come to see me as clients are undergoing one or more of a wide variety of major life transitions. These people vary in very many ways. They could be of any age, ethnicity, family status, profession or sex, but they share the common characteristic of undergoing a major life transition or transitions of some kind. For these people, something foundational in their lives is “in transit.”

Jungian psychotherapy or depth psychotherapy can be an excellent way to gain self-knowledge and knowledge of the unconscious aspects of the personality. Often, individuals embark on a program of Jungian depth psychotherapy, not because of some immediate crisis in their lives, but because they want to enhance their capacity to relate to others in deep ways, to understand themselves in greater fullness, or because they want to enhance their journey towards wholeness and have a more creative and fulfilling life.

Depression and anxiety are widespread today, and appear in peoples’ lives in many different forms. Good depression and anxiety counselling needs to be highly responsive to the particular, individual’s experience of anxiety and depression.

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The second half of life is different. In the first half, most people are striving to become productive, independent and respected members of the society. By the middle of life, many individuals are conscious that life does not last forever. This leads individuals to prize every day and to seek the very most they can get out of every bit of living.

In the second half of life, starting at mid-life, the focus becomes very individual. What, at this stage in life, is meaningful to me? The concern is not so much to please others, or to gain the respect of others, as it is to be true to oneself.

Midlife individuals often face complex, conflicting emotions. On the one hand, there may be strong regret, and wondering, “Has it all been worth it?” Simultaneously, the individual may wonder, “What do I want to do, or to be, for the rest of my life?” Often, creative desires emerge or re-emerge, and a hunger for new, or quality, experiences. All in conjunction with anxiety about the future, and only limited time to plan, while yet feeling the urgency of doing so.

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