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2323 du Versant Nord #117 , Quebec City- G1N 4P4
Quebec , Canada  Canada

Parfait Ménage - Quebec City

Parfait Ménage offre un service de nettoyage résidentiel à Québec, et à d'autres emplacements dans la province. Leurs équipes d'entretien professionnelles, qui ont de l'expérience et dont les antécédents ont été vérifiés, vous offrent une gamme de services de nettoyage et d'avantages, incluant le système de désinfection EnviroShield®, des produits écologiques et des désinfectants de Catégorie IV, des aspirateurs dorsaux avec filtres HEPA, des chiffons de nettoyage en microfibres, et une garantie écrite qui assure un nettoyage parfait.

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Whether you or a housekeeping team cleans your home, there are many places that can not be achieved at regular interviews. The result is that your home may seem cleaner than it actually is. And this is where Perfect Cleaning! We are committed to perform a deep cleaning every visit.

Our franchise owners-operators have chosen to become home maintenance specialists and acquired a higher education. They comply with proven processes, using cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly products, which makes perfect household is able to provide the best results.

Perfect in household, we use safe and environmentally friendly methods for housekeeping of your home. The disinfectant solution used with EnviroShield® is approved by Health Canada and is recognized as a disinfectant Class IV, making it perfectly safe for use in every room and on every surface of your home.

This solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for health and the environment. EnviroShield® The system has been tested and is still used regularly by our affiliate JAN-PRO counts among its clients among other medical clinics, day care centers and transport companies together. Enviroshield® is safe for every member of your family and even pets.

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Imagine a disinfection system that can completely wrap and disinfect all contact surfaces, and several remote areas of your home that can often be forgotten. This is the power of Enviroshield® a revolutionary spray disinfectant system offered exclusively by Perfect Cleaning for total disinfection of your home.

The secret lies in the electrostatic spray that adds a negative charge to the disinfecting solution when sprayed. The "fog" disinfectant grips and surrounds all sprayed surfaces, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses (MRSA, E.Coli, H1N1, etc.) that can hide in all sorts of places. The diagram shows how Enviroshield® covers and completely disinfects surfaces, making your home even cleaner and healthier. Enviroshield® approved by hospitals and is completely safe for humans and animals.

Many housekeeping firms offer verbal guarantees to support their services, but in Perfect cleaning we are well beyond. We provide a guarantee certificate in writing that we call best in our industry. This is the written proof of our commitment to provide quality service at all times.

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