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425 Moulton Ln , Heber City- 84032
Utah , United States  United States
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The Pines Recovery - Heber City

If you have a loved one who struggles with addiction, you know how hard it is. Call The Pines Recovery Today for Help!Welcome to The Pines Recovery. Here, we understand that when an individual struggles with an addiction, they are not the only person affected. Families, friends, coworkers, and more can feel the effects of the addiction and the way it controls the individual’s life.CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (435) 659-2699 Website: http://www.thepinesrecovery.com/

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Drug rehab includes a number of treatments and approaches used to treat drug addictions. At The Pines Recovery, we offer drug rehab for use and abuse of various types of drugs. This includes rehabilitation for cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, LSD, PCP, GHB, ecstasy, ketamine, rohypnol, and more. Rehab treatment depends on the type of drug, the level of addiction and abuse, and the individual’s response to treatment.

Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol, and it may involve a mental illness and compulsive behavior due to dependency on alcohol. Many people do not see alcohol consumption as a problem, and it may not be dangerous to all individuals when consumed responsibly in moderation. However, alcoholism is a disease that can lead to severe health problems, legal problems, relationship difficulties, employment problems, and financial troubles. When a person struggles with alcoholism, they may be unable to limit the amount of alcohol they drink, develop a tolerance to alcohol (so more is needed to feel the same effects), feel a strong compulsion to drink, or experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they do not drink.

Regular, repeated use of illegal drugs can actually alter the way the brain works and change the entire course of your future. Drug addiction doesn’t just affect the life of the addict, but also those who care for them. Here at The Pines Recovery, we offer heroin addiction treatment for those who battle an addiction to this highly addictive drug. We want to see all of our patients have a successful future free of dependence on illegal chemicals.

Using heroin for just a short period of time can change the way the brain operates, creating addictive behaviors that are harmful for the physical and emotional well-being of the addict. Over time, addicts learn behaviors and habits that may cost them relationships with those they love the most.

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