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Looking for an experienced clicking hard drive repair specialist? It is The Data Hospital which has a team of specialist hard drive repair professionals and data recovery analysts who perform a given task to perfection by using the latest drive repair and recovery tools.

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The most common failures in USB Flash drives are usually always one of two faults: Corruption of data, caused by a power spike from the device they are situated in, or from electromagnetic corruption from other sources or controller failure as a result of a power spike from the device they are situated in, or the end of the electrical components lifespan.

We can also recover from USB devices that have been snapped or damage whilst still being inserted. We have seen a massive increase in this type of damage in recent years and recovered 95% of cases successfully.

The Data Hospital can recover data from virtually any type of flash media and use comprehensive and intensive data trawl techniques along with state of the art hardware and software to reunite you with your data.

The new generations of phones now have larger data storage capacity than ever before, meaning large amounts of important data loss is fast becoming an increasing problem for the increasingly dependent users of smart phones. We have seen a massive increase in clients looking to recover data from internal NAND memories and mini SD Cards.Contact The Data Hospital regarding any data loss issues you may have regarding Smart Phones.

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If you have been unfortunate and encountered RAID storage failure, Data Hospital understands the importance of being able to recover your critical data as rapidly and as efficiently as possible to get you or your business back on track with as little inconvenience as possible.

We can deal with any RAID array or NAS (Network attached storage) failure. Our RAID specialist was the pioneer for many of the techniques and processes used to recover data from these complex data storage systems which are, as a result, still used by many other companies in the industry today.

Many clients do not know that one drive in their RAID 5 array may have failed, unless of course the system flags up a message to inform them. In these cases it’s common for the end user to ignore any message and proceed to use the system, as it still appears to function normally. Only in the event of a second drive failing does the RAID system then go offline, at this point the array will be unusable until a technician has repaired the faults, rebuilds the RAID array and is then able to recover the data on bespoke systems that emulate the RAID device. We have recovered data from many RAID systems that were deemed unrecoverable by other companies.

We succeed where others fail with RAID Recoveries due to the fact that we are one of the only Data Recovery Labs that has a dedicated RAID specialist in our Data recovery technicians team. We offer Free Diagnostics and Free Assessments for all RAID Recovery, use our website to obtain a free instant quote or browse our RAID Recovery page for further information on any RAID Data Recovery you may require.

HEWLETT PACKARD use a bespoke parity rotation for their array’s (delayed sectors), we were one of the first companies to offer recovery services from HP servers as we developed our own technique to deal with the delayed sector parity. To this day there are few data recovery labs capable of recovery from this type of sector stripe.

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