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4 Marett St , Cairns- 4870
Queensland , Australia  Australia
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K9 Weight Challenge - Cairns

At the K9 Weight Challenge, our sole purpose is to guide and support you and your dog through an easy-to-follow 12-week weight management program. You will also receive a personalised diet and exercise plan tailored to your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. Our mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. The use of high quality veterinary diets means your pet will not miss any essential nutrients throughout their weight management program. Our veterinarian can also help with ideas to put together an exercise routine appropriate for your dog’s breed, age and physical condition.http://k9weightchallenge.com/

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The importance of physical activity and outings for your dog should not be underestimated. Mental well-being, muscle toning, improved mobility, pet-owner bonding and calorie burn are just a few of the many benefits of regular daily activity for you and your dog.

However all too often I hear well-meaning owners say- “oh I’ll just ramp up the exercise” or “he just needs to go on some good runs”. Whoa- Please stop there! Suddenly increasing the exercise level of an overweight or obese dog can be dangerous resulting in serious injury and illness of your dog. Heat stroke, joint and ligament injuries are commonplace in such scenarios.

From day one, calorie restriction should be the primary focus for your dog. Exercise and activity levels on the other hand should increase gradually over the course of your dog’s weight loss program.

Start off with 2 x 10 minute lead walks per day and slowly build up to 2 x 30 sessions that incorporate aerobic activities such as swimming, hill walking, off lead play etc. Before you know it your dog will experience a compounding effect where improved stamina and increased activity levels will promote calorie burn and a faster rate of weight loss.

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To be in control of your dog’s weight you must be fully aware of precisely what they are eating. I’m stating the obvious I know! But feeding our dogs often becomes habit and as owners it is common to give extra tidbits and treats here and there without fully registering them. These extras rapidly contribute to your dog’s daily calorie intake.

Get into the habit of measuring out your dog’s food so you are in control of their calorie intake. Provide a treat allowance that comprises of no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. And most importantly of all, remember to feed your dog according to their target healthy weight, not to their current weight.

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