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Fiveways Surgery Level 1 144 Indooroopilly Road , Taringa- 4068
Queensland , Australia  Australia
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Ageing Beautifully Cosmetic Medicine - Taringa

Generations of families have sought quality medical advice and treatments from Fiveways Surgery at Taringa in Brisbane’s western suburbs since 1945. Dr Simon carter has introduced a complementary service, Ageing Beautifully, where men and women can obtain non-invasive cosmetic facial treatments and injectables to help them rejuvenate skin conditions suffering from the signs of ageing. Already well experienced as a local GP in skin surgery and skin cancer treatments, Dr Simon Carter has further qualifications in non-surgical Cosmetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine bringing the highest standards to cosmetic medical treatments and his cosmetic medicine clinic. His personal goal is to restore personal confidence and self-esteem to his patients through personalised cosmetic management programs delivered within an ethical and professional environment.For more information visit our website: http://www.ageingbeautifully.com.au

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Muscle relaxing injections have been used for more than a decade in children and adults to treat therapeutic conditions such as involuntary facial muscle spasms and double vision due to eye muscle imbalances.

The use of muscle relaxing injections in Cosmetic Medicine has become widespread over the last 10 years. It is a simple treatment, which is safe and effective. Many facial wrinkles are caused by the action of the underlying muscles of facial expression. Over time these wrinkles become deeper and more ingrained. The appearance of many of these wrinkles can be substantially improved by subtly weakening the responsible muscles. This does not need to result in total freezing of the face and removal of facial expression as untreated muscles continue to function normally. Tiny injections into the muscles improve existing wrinkles and can prevent new ones forming.

When a muscle is injected it begins to weaken in 2-3 days and reaches maximal relaxation at around 14 days. Occasionally refinement treatments are needed at 14 days to further improve the outcome. The degree that the muscle weakens is determined by many factors including the dose and depth of injection. The effect usually lasts around 4 months but can be for a longer or shorter period. The muscle regains normal function after this time.

Aesthetic medicine is an all-inclusive term used to describe the specialist treatments provided by the medical profession for improving a patient's cosmetic appearance through the treatment of various skin conditions including moles, scars, skin laxity, skin discolouration and wrinkles; all common signs of ageing. Dr Simon Cater provides his patients a range of elective non-surgical procedures to help bring back a younger you by treating these ageing conditions in a natural manner that leaves you feeling better about yourself, more confident and leaving you with a sense of looking more like you would like to be rather than how you currently are.

As a family doctor, Dr Simon Carter, ensures that his patients are provided a full and complete medical treatment offering apart from a wide range of general medical services, he also specialises in assessing skin cancers, cosmetic and aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing medicine. As such all patients are offered advice on how to improve your general health and lifestyle choices that will minimise the onset of the usual signs of ageing.

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Prior to your initial consultation you should fill out our pre-assessment questionnaire and bring it with you. This questionnaire collects information about your health and previous aesthetic medicine experiences. It is also available at reception.The face changes over time and with exposure to environmental factors. See here for a video explaining how the various layers of the face change and contribute to your look.

At your initial consultation your doctor will make a comprehensive assessment in order to plan an individualized management strategy. We will discuss your target areas as well as make objective assessments of age and environment related changes and the skincare protocols you have used to date. Photography is often used to document changes and for comparison after treatment. At this planning stage all options are discussed including skin and complexion management, make-up choices, wrinkle and lip management and replacing facial volume. The role of surgical management will also be discussed if relevant.

Dermal fillers are made of a natural sugar in the form of a gel. The gel stabilises the skin structure, attracts and binds water, and contributes to the elastic properties of the skin that allow it to remain tight. These injections are thought to replenish its natural support structures damaged by ageing. The best use for fillers is restoration of facial volume that has been lost due to ageing or gravity. Common sites are the cheeks and the lips.

They are also used to fill wrinkles and other hollows. Over time, fillers are gradually and naturally degraded in the human body. Depending on the filler used, the effect generally lasts for between six and nine months and in some circumstances longer. Follow-up treatments are needed to maintain the effects of cosmetic fillers. Sometimes a refinement treatment is needed soon after a session to make small adjustments.

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