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36 Havenga St Oakdale , Cape Town- 7530
Western Cape , South Africa  South Africa
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Plumbers Cape Town - Cape Town

Plumbers Cape Town offer a complete range of plumbing services for domestic and commercial companies.

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In the Durbanville area in Cape Town burst geysers are an ever present occurrence and as such, being adequately prepared for this occurrence is the key thing to salvaging the property in your home. It is usually advisable to turn off all the water supply to your entire property the moment you notice damage to your geyser.

The next thing is to cut out all power supply to the geyser and this can be done in two ways, the first and safest is just to turn off the main power by turning the main switch off. For those few individuals that can actually identify the specific switch for the geyser’s electrical power, that is the way to go. All that is left for you to do is call the best geyser plumber in the Durbanville area.

It is also recommended that you call the best geyser plumber in the Durbanville area the moment you notice a leakage in your water from the ceiling. This may not necessarily translate into a burst geyser but having a professional on site is an added advantage towards analyzing the real cause of the problem and the appropriate solution.

If indeed it is a burst geyser, the best geyser plumbers in the Durbanville area usually recommends that you open all the faucets in your facility after cutting off the water supply and power. As such, the excess water stored will be able to drain away preleasing any pressure stored by the water potential and as such preventing any further damage to your roof, tiles and interior household items.

Product and Services

Electric geysers are devices that are popularly used in many countries across the world to heat water. They are designed with electrical components and thermal switches. Switches are essentially used to turn the electrical components on and off, thus controlling temperature and power consumption.

They are also designed with valves which control the pressure that results from possible over-heating and expansion.Our company has many years’ experience in the installation and repair of geysers. We have employed a team of electricians and plumbers who have the right qualifications and adequate experience. We therefore have the capacity to install, repair and maintain your geyser.

Every year, our company installs more than 4,000 electric geysers and also replaces thousands of components such as thermostats and valves.Additionally, we have the necessary qualifications and experience in handling insurance claims for the leading insurance companies in the country. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that your insurance company may fail to approve us.

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