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Shivaji Nagar 2 Sneh Riviera Next to Model , Pune- 411016
Maharashtra , India  India
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Aesthetics Medispa - Pune

Aesthetics Medispa Provides One Of The Best Cosmetic And Facelift Surgeon In India. We Offer Facelift Surgery, Rhinoplasty Surgery, Tummy Tuck Surgery, Breast Augmentation Etc.Aesthetics Medispa is a unique state-of-the-art health and wellness centre, located in the city of Pune, Maharastra India. It is situated in an idyllic location, next to Model Colony Lake in the heart of the city. It is the first of its kind Medispa in the City of Pune. A luxurious day spa offering international therapies and a Cosmetic Surgery centre, all under one roof.

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One popular myth that disillusions people is that if you want to remove excess fat from a particular area, you have to work or exercise that area. That is not true. Exercise will reduce fat from everywhere uniformly, if you have reached a calorie negative state (a state where more calories are being burnt than added).

Hence, the excess in these areas still persists these areas of excess fat is reduced only after essential areas of fat such as cheeks etc is removed. As this is not advisable, it is recommended that the excess fat areas are treated with liposuction or similar fat removal techniques to make the fat deposits more even. Once this has been achieved, then weight management program will help to get you in to a better shape.

Although genes play a major role, lifestyle is the main culprit. Sometime diseases and other illnesses may play a part. Increased exposure to sun, poor diet and water intake, exposure to pollutants in the air, stress and strain, all contribute to this.
Hair loss is a major factor along with premature greying of hair. Loss of skin glow, increased coarseness of skin, poor texture, creases and wrinkles on forehead, smile lines, frown lines, jowls, deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sagging of the neck skin, deep folds on the neck and deep nasojugal grooves. Ptosis of brow, increased folds and wrinkles in upper and lower eyelid are some other signs of premature aging.

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Often during development or pregnancy the breasts grow disproportionately large. The breasts could also grow very large due to obesity. The increase in the fat and gland tissue increases the weight of the breasts.

The increase in size or weight causes immeasurable suffering to women. They often complain of backache or neck ache, rash or sweating in the folds and between breasts. They are often embarrassed by their oversized breasts and have difficulty in finding proper clothes to fit.

Even if you eat 100 calorie's in excess of what you spend, these 100 calories are stored as fat. The cumulative effect of these excess results in overweight or obese status. Many feel that they hardly eat anything and yet they put on weight. This is because what they eat is so rich in calorie value that it easily crosses the expenditure requirements.

Often the metabolic rate (calorie expenditure) is so slow that their daily calorie requirements are very low. Here at Aesthetics Medispa, we analyze the problem and give guidance to achieving a calorie neutral state. This is possible in our Weight management program.

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