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1129 Riders Club Rd , Onalaska- 54650
Wisconsin , United States  United States
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Naturally Uncbridled Wellness LLC - Onalaska

Wellness Coaching - Holistic Nutrition - Quantum Biofeedback Therapy - Aromatherapy - Essential Oils - Homeopathy Acupuncture - Cranio Sacral - Massage - Reiki Zone - Besides Traditional Naturopath - Holistic Health - Biofeedback - and more. Unique for someone in the natural health field, Dr. Bartsch spent nearly eight years in the biotechnology industry conducting oncology and pharmacology research. She talks about how when she started in the field, they were looking for a cure for cancer but by the time she left the industry they were no longer looking for a cure; they were looking for a drug that would keep your cancer from growing and spreading so you would need to take that drug for the rest of your life or your cancer would spread. She left that career for a position as an Animal Nutritionist specializing in equine nutrition and she went on to become a high school teacher and department head for biotechnology and animal science departments at two schools in Massachusetts.

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4 SERVICES IN ONE! Encompassing body, mind, and spirit, you sit comfortably in our Quantum Biofeedback spa and enjoy the ionic detoxifying foot bath, while resetting your autonomic nervous system out of "fight or flight" and into "rest and digest" by experiencing the unique combination of HearthMath InnerBalance technology, with aromatherapy and relaxing music containing isochronic frequencies to reset your brain wave patterns into relaxation mode. A complete mind-body experience. Packages available!

A safe, non-drug method of detoxifying, rebuilding and restoring balance to the mind and body. The terms "homeopathy" and "holistic" are often mistakenly used interchangeably. "Holistic" means that the program includes the body, mind, and spirit. "Homeopathy" is a form of holistic medicine (like herbs, acupuncture, and essential oils) where remedies are used to restore balance to the body, mind, or spirit.

Common obstacles to weight loss include: Hormonal imbalances, digestive imbalances, medications, stress, emotional eating, and frequently, it's just a matter of not knowing what to eat or how to prepare or select healthy food options.

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Utilizing a non-invasive computerized tool called the Avatar we are able to tap into the body's electrical system at specific meridian points to assess how the body's energy is flowing. Much like Acupuncture taps into these meridians to release healing energy the computer reads the energetic impulses of points, primarily on the hand and foot, to help one to make healthful living decisions that are also therapeutic.

The science of the Avatar, or more generally: a bio-energetic assessment, is based on an outgrowth of extensive research performed in Germany in the early 1950's by Dr. Reinhold Voll, a medical doctor and acupuncturist. His research into the electromagnetic range of the body led him to note that a controlled, micro-electric current could provide feedback from the organs and different systems. Voll theorized that energy readings higher than normal signify the potential of an inflammatory condition and lower readings relate to degenerative tissue damage.

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