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ADLEX® Abogados es una firma legal enfocada principalmente a las áreas de práctica del Derecho Fiscal y Corporativo, asimismo, ADLEX® Abogados cuenta con la experiencia necesaria para la atención de asuntos relacionados con licitaciones, derecho administrativo y comercio exterior.Nuestra firma nace como respuesta a las necesidades de asesoría legal especializada a grupos de empresarios o de empresas que requieren de una atención personal.

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The strategy and the means of defense depends heavily on documentation, accounting and specific situation of our customers; above, it brings the particular analysis of each case and of course, the issue of the respective diagnosis, where the chances of success of a tax litigation listed.

In our experience we have been able to determine that the documentary support that our customers have to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their tax obligations, is crucial when facing an audit or to meet some means of legal defense, since the accounting to be a discipline accurate and based on financial regulations and accounting principles requires that each transaction log inflows and outflows of resources via expenditures, must be recorded in the accounts, documented with policies, accounting records, scales, working papers, bank statements , proof of payment or deposit checks and / or bank transfers, contracts, meeting minutes and other documents that are necessary for that once you can stick with and demonstrate to the tax authorities the support of each operation and thereafter show that there is no omission of income or a deduction is not inadmissible.

The relationship of the agency contract with the defense attorney and the supporting documentation for tax matters can be set after considering the mandate contract essentially involves an act of representation. In case, the representation and business management for third parties has become somewhat more common in daily operations and commercial transactions and, therefore, it is common knowledge that a third party and listen to receive income in your bank account but you do so on behalf of a third party actually pays that income or make payments on behalf of a third party on behalf of others, being that these operations have nothing irregular or illegal.

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Defensa Fiscal, Derecho corporativo, Derecho municipal.Care Audits | Adlex ® Lawyers:Defences - Adlex Lawyers With solid experience in tax litigation area our firm specializes in advising taxpayers who are in the process of audit by the tax authorities, either on federal or local taxes and even in cases where the state authorities exercise powers of verification in a coordinated manner on federal taxes. This advice is considered that it is of great importance to our customers, since much of their tax defense rest in care and approaches to occur over a home visit and / or desk review.

Our contribution and experience in our services is not limited to litigate the dispute which may result from the issuance of a tax credit, but we try to the extent that our customers permit and upon request, to address written during the home visit and reviews of cabinet to introduce administrative resources to revocation, go to the tax authorities to discuss the arguments presented in the writings and in case, if appropriate seek solutions prior administrative proceeding to litigation.

In the area of ??tax litigation, we are committed to providing the best legal defense, as our goal is that our customers do not have to lose their property or assets to a contingency arising from a tax credit, which in all cases surpasses any amount of historical contribution as tax credits always considered accessories and fines.

Among other services, our firm also caters injurious acts issued by federal and local tax authorities, such as writs of execution involving payment requirements and embargo on the occasion of administrative enforcement proceedings, acts of nuisance attacks aimed at the freezing of bank accounts, acts of nuisance such as invitations to regularize fees or contributions.

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