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1900 South Proforma Ave Suite E , Ontario- 91761
California , American Samoa  American Samoa
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Nutrifield US - Hydroponics & Aquaponics - Ontario

Nutrifields clearly defined development strategy and effective business model ensure growth and a promising outlook. We at Nutrifield are well on our way to becoming an International market leader driven by passion for the industry. We offer our line of High-Performance Plant Foods directly to growers of all kinds, whether you are a hobbyist gardener, hydroponics grower, farmer, flower and orchid lover or just want the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood. We actively pursue perfection through continuous research and development with the goal of providing the best possible solutions for gardeners. We create the most universal and unique fertilizers available for the professional market.For more detail visit our website: http://www.nutrifield.us/.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Veg cycle additives provide key elements allowing for rapid dense growth with an enhanced fruit bearing structure set in place. You can expect a unique blend of concentrated natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids that promote spontaneous root growth which increases nutrient uptake and vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching.

Nutrifield® flowering additives will give your plants weight, flavour, and intense aroma, resulting in an increased yield. Nutrifield® is now excited to introduce 3 new key products in the form of Root Nectar™ , PK Heavy™ and Crystalic™. These new products were created to perfectly compliment our existing range of nutrients and flowering enhancers to give gardeners an even more robust and bountiful harvest. Use Nutrifield®’s range of premium Additives and Flowering Enhancers for maximised yield potential and superior results.

A quality medium is the starting point for exponentially improved yield outcomes. Nutrifield®'s range of mediums provides a modern and ecologically sound response to all of your growing media requirements, offering nothing short of optimum growth and yield capabilities.

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Nutrifield®base nutrients include each of the 13 essential elements with a number of beneficial and organic compounds. Our base nutrients have been specifically designed to deliver optimum yield and performance. Intensive research have led to the development of Nutrifield® Coco Nutrients, which is specifically formulated for use with all coco coir growing media. Elements Grow and Bloom is engineered to be a balanced 4-part nutrient solution for all other growing media.Nutrifield® base nutrients provide a complete growing solution for your hydroponic needs.

Nutrient Boosters optimise your nutrients to keep nutrient uptake efficient and effective while working in unison with your base nutrients to create optimum growing conditions for your plants to thrive in. They also help process and break down complex mineral compounds into plant available form. Our Boosters will compliment your current feeding regime, and will help your plants feed more consistently, ensuring rapid growth.

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