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Deal Finder is the Business Development Center arm of CAR-Research XRM, a developer and supplier of CRM software for dealerships. Adhering to the slogan "Built by Car People for Car People," CAR-Research XRM is notable for the "eXtended Relationship Management" (XRM) concept by expanding the number and functionality of tools available in traditional CRM systems. Since its founding in 1995, the company has been crowned the "Top Rated CRM" in the United States four years in a row by automotive marketing social network DrivingSales.

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Dealerships rely on internet leads to be a substantial part of today’s business. The problem most dealers face is that they are not getting maximum efficiency out of their internet department. Today’s average dealer closes about 10% of their total number of internet leads. While this number may be acceptable to some, a 90% “miss rate” is a staggering amount of business left un-sold.

Our program focuses on turning your internet department into the most productive area of your dealership. Sales personnel are great at converting the “low hanging fruit” sales opportunities, but most dealers would agree their strength is not in long term follow up. This is where our solution can augment the efforts of your staff and help your dealership increase customer contact percentages and appointments off of those illusive internet sources.

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Off-site Automotive BDCs excel at this because it’s their main focus and they have the tools and technology to efficiently schedule and record all phone calls, incoming and outgoing. Call center operatives are also trained in the market and are kept abreast on the latest in industry news, products, and technologies.

To increase product penetration after the initial sale, start by getting your F&I (finance and insurance) team to collaborate with your automotive BDC (business development center). While your general goal as a dealership is to generate more traffic to sell more cars, there is an important bit of profit F&I generates that can be followed up on.

The first step is getting your automotive BDC to start referring to buyers as guests, not customers. Customers come, purchase, and go; guests keep coming back. Next, offer presentations and other perks to get those guests back through the door so your automotive BDC can push the after-sale product.

If you sell an average of 150 vehicles a month, you can expect that a certain percentage of guests will lease and another percentage will pay in cash (and refuse any attempts at financing). Perhaps in 30 of those deals, the dealership wasn't able to generate any extra income. This is when you use your automotive BDC to move in and contact these customers through a phone and email process.

One great way of getting people through the door is to go ahead and schedule an oil change with every vehicle purchased and send out an email or phone reminder the week before their 3-month date. Even if only half of the initial thirty come in, if you're able to sell another half of that number (7 to 8) a new warranty or tire and wheel, you've now increased your product penetration.

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