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Call us 24/7 when you need to see an emergency dentist in Brooklyn for a tooth extraction, repair of a broken tooth, toothache pain relief, denture repair, loose filling repair, or any other dental service on an urgent basis. We have experienced dentists available for an immediate appointment.

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There are varying degrees of damage that can happen to a tooth. Not all of them require emergency care. Here is how to tell the difference between something that can wait a day or so, and something that requires urgent care.If your tooth is chipped or fractured but it’s not in pain, you can likely wait for a day or two before you see the dentist. Call immediately and let the dentist know what has happened and schedule an appointment.

Depending upon your specific situation your dentist may advise you to come in right away or schedule you for the next available appointment.If your mouth or tooth hurts a little, but the pain is bearable, you can take an acetaminophen for the mild pain. Avoid aspirin however as this can cause more damage in the long run and cause you to bleed excessively.

Avoid products that will numb the gums as these can actually cause more damage. If the pain is intense, this cannot wait, see your dentist immediately.If however, you’re in severe pain and acetaminophen isn’t helping, see your dentist right away, this may be an emergency.If you’re bleeding from the mouth you should also see your dentist immediately. All mouth wounds bleed so it may be difficult to tell exactly what is going on.

A loose tooth that isn’t in jeopardy of falling out may be able to wait for a day or so if it’s not in pain and not in jeopardy of falling out. If however, it’s in jeopardy of falling out or hurts badly, get to the dentist quickly, you may be able to save the tooth. If you’re not sure, call and ask your dentist how to proceed.

If you’ve been hit in the face or jaw, and your face or jaw is swelling, you may have a dental emergency. Call the dentist immediately and tell them what is going on. They can further advise you on whether or not you need to go in right away and what treatment to do in the meantime.

Is your mouth sensitive to hot and cold? Try first to see if some cool water on the area might help. Does it hurt to breathe in from your mouth? Call your dentist immediately and follow their advice. Many people have naturally sensitive teeth, however, something that is out of the ordinary should always be investigated further.

If you have any swollen areas or bulges on your gums, see your dentist immediately, you may have an abscess forming that must be treated right away.If you’re not sure whether or not what is going on is an emergency, always call your dentist and give full details of what is going on. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry and lose your tooth.

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Dentistry, emergency dentist, general dentistry, tooth extraction, repair of a broken tooth, toothache pain relief, denture repair, loose filling repair.If you have a dental abscess, this is a life-threatening emergency. An abscess that isn’t properly treated can spread bacteria to your entire body through your bloodstream.

You can rapidly develop nausea, fever and sepsis if you don’t have the abscess treated immediately. You can go from feeling just fine to feeling like you’re at death’s door in just a few short hours if you don’t get an abscess treated immediately.

An emergency dentist will be able to safely drain the abscess and treat the underlying condition. You may also require antibiotics to treat the infection.Of course, if you cannot get in to see us or some other dentist in Brooklyn, then you need to rush over to the nearest hospital because abscesses are that serious!

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