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700 West Georgia St , Vancouver- V7Y 1E8
British Columbia , Canada  Canada
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Harry Rosen Menswear - Vancouver

Located in Vancouver, Harry Rosen Inc. is the source for the world’s leading menswear designers. As a leader in men's fashion, Harry Rosen Inc. offers clothing from the leading brand names for men's suits, designer jeans, dress shirts, footwear, and more. Their unparalleled follow-up service includes complimentary alterations on regularly priced merchandise, Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee, and a generous Return Policy.

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Additional Information

Harry Rosen we’ve seen a lot of different trends in menswear over the last 61 years, including a profound shift in attitude towards the suit. A generation ago, men who wore a suit to work every day saw it as a uniform, a necessary commodity. A man would have five or more suits for a season, replacing them when they wore out.

Well, times have changed. Far fewer men now automatically reach for a suit every morning (our sports jacket collections are much more varied and interesting than they used to be). So when a man decides to wear a suit, he does so with a purpose — primarily because he wants to look great. There are reasons the suit has been with us for over 100 years — it flatters a man’s figure and makes him look powerful, authoritative and, dare we say, sexy. Choosing to wear a suit also shows respect. In a boardroom or an important meeting, it sends the message that you are taking the occasion seriously and that you mean business. Wearing it to a wedding or big social event shows that you appreciate the significance of the occasion and it honours the hosts.

In other words, the suit has evolved from the everyday to become something special. Hence the trend over the last 15 years for a man to buy fewer suits but to invest more in the ones he does own. He understands a good-quality suit is not meant to be quickly disposable; it will look great for years to come if he cares for it properly. And he appreciates the return on the investment, knowing that when he does choose to wear a suit, the impression he makes is going to be worth every penny.

Product and Services

There’s nothing quite like the experience of buying a Made-To-Measure suit,” says Alan Whitfield, National Director of Tailored Clothing at Harry Rosen. “It’s the ultimate in personalization – working with a clothing advisor you decide the fit, the fabric, and the details that will make this custom suit uniquely yours.”Just as the name suggests, a Made-To-Measure suit is tailored precisely to your physique. Each garment is impeccably tailored for a truly unique experience.

Working with one of our Clothing Advisors expertly trained in the art of tailored clothing, each client identifies a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their personal style, body shape, movements, posture and styling preferences. Exact measurements are carefully recorded to ensure you look your best.

While the choices seem endless, here your Clothing Advisor will guide you through the selection by asking you a series of questions to determine how the suit will be worn. The season, occasion or use of the suit informs what fabric will be most appropriate.

Here’s where you can really put your stamp on your suit. Literally, many clients opt to include their initials embroidered inside as a nod to the fact that the garment was made expressly for him. Other personalized details include lining selection – bold colours/patterns are a popular choice for men wanting to express a little covert individuality. Single-breasted or double-breasted, buttons, vents, pockets and more are negotiable to create a look that is uniquely yours. At Harry Rosen, our vast Made-To-Measure program blends the best of expert tailoring with the distinction of personalized details.

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