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19 Broughton St Kirribilli , North Sydney- 2061
New South Wales , Australia  Australia
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Welcome to KB Village Dental, North Sydney's smile makeover experts. We know that everybody is different and we therefore treat each individual accordingly, from the initial consultation right through to completion of the finished product. Our aim is to help you achieve a great smile and dental health while our vision is to create happiness, one smile at a time. We bring you some of the top reasons that lead to dentist anxiety and ways to overcome your fear. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the personalised, gentle care you deserve. We use state of the art dental equipment and materials. For more information please visit our website: http://www.kbvillagedental.com.au/

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Did you know it’s a myth that root canal treatment causes pain? Any momentary pain or discomfort that a patient may feel is caused by the infection that resides inside a nerve or abscess, not by the procedure itself.

The good news is that, these days, there are numerous wonderful ways to significantly reduce— and in many cases all-but-eliminate—the discomfort that used to force dental patients to have to white-knuckle their way through the procedure. And here at KB Village Dental, we use the latest technology to make your procedure as easy and comfortable as possible!

Root canal therapy effectively removes the inflamed pulp tissue or infection and then the tooth is medicated for a period of time. Later on, when the problem has been deemed successfully eliminated, a root filling is placed to seal the end of the root.You will quickly feel better if you’ve been suffering, and a final restoration will be placed to restore your tooth’s ability to function like new again.

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It’s a new century, a new millennium. Thankfully, dentistry has come such a long way in the past three decades that your children will never have to unlearn the fear of visiting their dentist. And at KB Village Dental, we make sure your child’s earliest dental experiences are as welcoming, fun, and engaging as we can make them.

From infants to teenagers, your children will feel safe, comfortable and treated like a dental superhero.All of our infant and toddler patients are introduced to their dentist well before dental issues arise. With mum, dad, or another well-loved guardian at their side, we’ll spend time introducing your wee ones to the fun of a dental chair ride (moving the chair up and down and tilting it back to show how comfortable, safe and enjoyable it is), counting their teeth with them, and showing the ones with baby teeth (and their chair-side guardians) how to brush properly.

If this friendly, routine screening activity starts early enough in your children’s lives, there’s no reason why their baby and adult teeth shouldn’t remain cavity-free throughout their lives.

By the time your children’s permanent teeth erupt, we will already have made such a fuss over their pearly-white smiles that they will have developed sufficient pride to continue to take great care of their oral hygiene all by themselves.

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