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Satya Hair transplant clinic in Delhi offers All Hair Transplant Treatment including  FUT, FUE, Synthetic Hair Implant, PRP, Hair Weaving,An established leader in the domain of Hair Care, Growth and Science. Satya, brings a systematic, practiced and scientific approach to hair restoration field by merging technology with pioneering formulas.

At Satya we understand the impact hair loss can have on your life. Satya offers you completely customized and clinically proven hair loss treatments from surgical to non surgical for both men and women. Therefore we precisely guide all our patients to understand their condition and to choose the right treatment for them.

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In the Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss, vitamin is mixed with some growth factors to inject into the scalp directly. In addition to vitamins, the solution can also contain various minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids and co-enzymes as per the patient’s individual needs. Through micro-injections, specially formulated and FDA approved solutions are injected under the scalp right to the hair follicles.

Sometimes medicines such as minoxidil are also mixed in the mixture to augment the treatment efficacy. The mixture ensures long-acting neutralizing effect on DHT hormone enabling hairs to grow. This is a safe, trouble-free, and cost-effective option to eradicate the need for hair transplant.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss has become one of the highly effective therapies of hair loss with promising future. The Researchers of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have described the process by which they were able to convert adult cells into epithelial stem cells (EPSCS). They have published their results in Nature. This revolutionary way of using stem cells to regrow hair follicles is considered as a potential technique for combating baldness, but no one has been able to develop enough of these cells.

The studies of Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss are done on mice first. The results are very encouraging and positive. When EPSCS is injected into mice, the cells started regenerating cell types of human skin as well as hair follicles. They also created identifiable hair shafts. These results make the team believe to have a successful process of regrowing hair in humans.

Body or Beard Transplantation is a revolutionary concept gaining high popularity among those patients who have poor supply of donor hair at the back of head. This surgery is done taking hair from other body parts like beard, chest, axillae, arms or legs and pubic area. Beard hair is considered as the good option for transplant due to its more thickness in diameter than scalp hair. In addition, beard hair can grow to any length.

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Follicular Unit hair Transplant is one of the permanent solutions of baldness and hair loss. This treatment is done extracting and implanting the permanent hair from the back and the sides of the head onto the bald area. The process is executed using groups of hairs that are called follicular units.

After anesthetizing the patient’s scalp, a strip of tissue is removed from the donor area lies within the permanent zone. Once removed, using microscopic dissection methods the donor strip is divided into numerous individual follicular units. At the recipient or bald sites, tiny holes are created to place these grafts. During the process, the arrangement and placing of follicular unit grafts is a quite important step as it decides the face look of the patients along with likelihood of future loss of hair.

PRP, an abbreviation of platelet rich plasma, is a revolutionary form of hair loss treatment ensuring guaranteed results. This completely non- surgical method has become a boon for those patients, who cannot go for surgical treatments of hair loss for different reasons. This therapy does not replace FDA approved therapies including DHT blockers, minoxidil, etc.

Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss, a baldness Cure treatment alternative, has potentially eliminated the requisite of hair transplant surgery. This advanced treatment helps both women and men in hair regrowing. In addition, this therapy is also highly useful delaying male pattern baldness. This combats three major problems of hair loss including hormonal imbalances of the hair follicle, lack of the precise nutrients in hair and reduced blood circulation.

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