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379 Church St #402 , Markham- L6B 0T1
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Cells for Life is an umbilical cord blood banking and stem cells storage facility in Markham. The medical professionals at Cells for Life isolate and concentrate a person’s stem cells and stores them as an immediate supply of cord blood stem cells should a person’s baby or a family member require a stem cell transplant.

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MSCs may treat additional conditions and are being evaluated in numerous clinical trials for: joints and bones (Arthritis), autoimmune (Diabetes), wound care and spinal cord injury.* Clinical uses of MSCs are promising but in the early stages of development

MSCs can go to the site of inflammation, inhibit inflammation, stimulate recovery of injured cells, differentiate into various cell types (including: bone, cartilage, and muscles) and can modify or regulate immune functions

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Cord Blood stem cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen tank. These stem cells can be thawed and transfused intravenously (by IV) into a sick patient to treat a variety of diseases. Cord Blood contains several types of stem cells; they have the capacity to become other specialized cells and/or tissues,

Some diseases affect the body’s ability to create blood forming cells which are needed to live. A Cord Blood transplant replaces unhealthy blood forming cells with healthy cells. Cord blood stem cells are used to re-build our bone marrow and immune system after receiving chemotherapy. Cord blood is also being used in clinical trials for regenerative medicine, Cerebral Palsy and brain injury as an example.

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