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2611 Highland Hills Drive , El Dorado Hills- 95762
california , United States  United States
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Skyline Energy Savers Inc - El Dorado Hills

We are Solar Contractor form USA and provide solar panels installation services in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Roseville and Elk Grove, California. Our goal is to improve the beauty and comfort of home owner and save their electricity bills.

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The solar system is either placed on your roof or mounted on the ground, where it converts sunlight to electricity. As it produces electricity, your meter keeps track of how much you produce and how much you use. In daytime, your system will be producing electricity that is fed into the utility grid. When you produce more electricity than you are using, the meter will turn backwards, giving you credit for that electricity. This will supply or offset the power that you use.

At night, when your system is not producing electricity, you will still have the power you need as it comes from the grid. Every month you will receive a reconciliation bill, showing how much you produced and how much you used. Your solar system is certain to significantly lower your electric bills or eliminate them, depending on the size of the system.

The biggest advantage of going tankless is that you'll never run out of hot water! There are several sizes to chose from that can support any size home and any task. A tankless water heater heats the water as it goes through the pipes, so no more worrying about doing the laundry and taking a shower at the same time. Say goodbye to showering in polluted water.

Your old water heater probably has an inch or two of sediment in the bottom. After years of using your old standard water heater, rust and germs thrive inside the tank. Most homeowners don't clean the tank out for the life of the machine. All those hidden germs and rust come right down the pipes into your shower.

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A solar lease may sound great, but you’ll probably change your mind when you take time to do the math. A solar lease will be for 15 to 25 years.

This liability is attached to your home, even if you decide to sell it. The new owner may not want it, and you will be required to pay a high penalty fee to get out of the lease.

The lease is set up to make the solar company money and save you only 6 to 15% off your electric bills. The solar company will receive the rebates, not you. If you lease the equipment, you will not be able to use the 30% federal tax credit. And the company is certainly making more electricity than the amount of credit they are giving you. A properly installed solar system requires almost no maintenance. Occasionally you should rinse off the panels using a garden hose. That’s all! The modules are covered with a 25 year factory warranty and the inverters are covered for 10 years. The system is expected to last 40 years or more.

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